Man Faces Slew of Felonies Following Lengthy Investigation

Hiring a Qualified Indian River Drug Trafficking Attorney Following a months-long investigation, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office raided the home of an Indian River County man believed to be a major supplier of narcotics. By the end of the day, the man was charged with more than two dozen felonies and remains in jail.. read more →

Burning Marijuana Plants Draws Attention to Indian River County Home

Indian River Marijuana Arrest Lawyer Deputies from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Department paid a visit to the home of a 64-year-old man in Fellsmere earlier in the week to find him in his yard “open burning” a pile of marijuana leaves. Although on fire, the marijuana was identified by its odor. Remains of what.. read more →

Rapper YNW Melly arrested in Florida on marijuana charges

One of South Florida’s up and coming rapper’s, YNW Melly, was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor drug charges. Jail records indicate that Melly, whose legal name is James Maurice Demons, was charged with one count of possession of marijuana not more than 20 grams and possession and/or use of drug equipment. He was booked.. read more →

Suspected Drug Traffickers from Miami-Dade Arrested

An Indian River Sheriff’s Office sting operation resulted in the arrest of a Vero Beach couple on drug trafficking charges. The duo was arrested after a confidential informant ordered 60 Oxycodone pills and 2 ounces of cocaine. The man and woman were stopped in their vehicle by a K-9 Unit en route to Vero Beach.. read more →

Motion to Suppress Fenced Yard Wins Case

St. Lucie County deputies went to Armando Ring’s (not his real name) house on 4/5/18 to execute a misdemeanor arrest warrant for failure to appear. The deputies did not have a search warrant. As shown in the picture, Ring’s house was fenced, gated and posted against trespassers. The deputies disregarded the gate, fence and no.. read more →

Indian River Man Arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine

When on routine patrol at about 2:00 a.m., an Indian River County sheriff’s deputy discovered a pickup truck parked in a dark parking lot outside of a business named Estate Treasures in Vero Beach. The business had been closed for the day for several hours. The deputy spoke with the driver who said he was.. read more →

Motion to Suppress Squelched Out-of-Jurisdiction Stop and Coerced Statement

A Seminole Police Department (SPD) officer initiated a stop for speeding on a section of State Road 721 which was inside the Brighton Reservation. The SPD officer did not catch up to the SUV until it was well off the Reservation. SPD jurisdiction exists only on the Reservation. However, the law allows an SPD officer.. read more →

Indian River County Woman Arrest for Drug Possession

As patrons enjoyed a meal in a Vero Beach, Florida restaurant, they witnessed a woman outside the venue stumbling and exhibiting a general lack of coordination as she made her way to a van parked in a nearby lot. Law enforcement officers were contacted. When a deputy sheriff arrived on the scene, he found that.. read more →

Indian River County Recent Criminal Arrest

On July 30, members of Indian River County law enforcement made 18 felony arrests of individuals who ranged in ages from 19 to 59. The scope of the crimes saw 11 of the 18 arrested for drug-related offenses and four others brought in on charges connected to battery of an individual. With the drug offenses,.. read more →

Suspected Cocaine Dealers Arrested by Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

Two men in the Indian River County area of Florida, who were suspected of being cocaine dealers, were arrested over the weekend. According to the arrest records, the two were nabbed by police during separate events during the weekend of Friday, July 13, 2018. The first man was arrested during a traffic stop that Friday… read more →

Twins Charged After Drugs Found During Raid of Vero Beach Apartments

Twin brothers from Vero Beach are facing an assortment of drug charges pursuant to police raids on their apartments late last week. Arrest records indicate that police discovered cocaine and at least a dozen marijuana plants. The brothers lived next door to each other on the 2200 block of 11th Avenue.  Following this arrest, they.. read more →

Man Faces Multiple Felony Drug Charges After Vero Beach Arrest

A 32-year-old man has been charged with at least five felony drug charges after an encounter with Vero Beach Police earlier this week. A police department spokesman reports that a K9 officer and a bicycle officer were on patrol near 1900 9th Avenue around 9:00 p.m. when they came upon the man. A search of.. read more →

Indian River Country Sheriff’s Office Nets 21 Arrests

After two weeks of undercover work, the Indian County Sheriff’s Office Vice Unit took 21 people into custody recently in a warrant sweep. Of those, 18 were nabbed for selling drugs. A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office reported that it had been involved in a number of undercover drug purchases, “and it was just time.. read more →

Accused Cocaine Dealer at Port St. Lucie Bar Busted with AR-15

A 31-year-old Port St. Lucie man was arrested on charges of selling cocaine out of 3 Olives Liquor and Lounge. John Brown, an “established cocaine dealer” as described by police, was arrested on several cocaine charges, including possession of drug paraphernalia and intent to deliver. He was also charged as a felon in possession of.. read more →

Fort Pierce Man Arrested on Weapon, Drug Charges

Fort Pierce police arrested a man who fled from police in a vehicle and on foot. The man allegedly ran because he was trying to avoid weapons charges and drug charges. It all began when the police noticed the man driving without wearing his seat belt. Law enforcement officials say that they tried to stop.. read more →

Detectives Arrest 43 in Steak ‘n Shake Drug Bust

Over three dozen people in the St. Lucie County, Florida area were recently arrested for dealing drugs in a ring known as “Operation Big Mi-Steak.” The St. Lucie sheriff stated that the bust came after long and arduous work that began several years ago after abuse of OxyContin became a huge problem in the city… read more →

Florida Mom Found with Block of Cocaine

A woman is under arrest in Port St. Lucie after law enforcement said that they found her with drugs in her vehicle. They say the woman also had children in the car. The Florida Highway Patrol conducted the investigation and made the arrest. They say they found an entire block of cocaine in the woman’s.. read more →

Traffic Violation Leads to Weapon and Marijuana Charges in Fort Pierce

A 29-year-old Fort Pierce man was arrested recently and taken into custody after failing to come to a complete stop at the corner of North 33rd Street and Angle Road. Upon searching the man, police allegedly came across a small quantity of marijuana and $5,870 in cash. A search of the man’s vehicle reportedly produced.. read more →

Pot and Paraphernalia Charges Tossed

Adolphus Stevens (not his real name) was arrested by Port St. Lucie police on 4/17/17 for possession under 20 grams of cannabis and for possession of drug paraphernalia. Stevens made the mistake, you see, of walking across a vacant lot in broad daylight in a residential area. Several minutes later, a PSLPD officer detained and.. read more →

Fort Pierce Teen Arrested After Fleeing Police

A teen in Fort Pierce may be in need of a Port Saint Lucie Drug arrest lawyer after being arrested Sunday. The man, who led police on a vehicular chase was arrested on five charges. Among the charges, two drug charges were included. Police reports state that the officer observed the man overshoot the stop.. read more →

Jury Finds Defendant Not Guilty of Videotaped Controlled Buy

Pictures do not always tell the whole story. On 8/16/17, the jury returned verdicts of not guilty on charges of sale of cocaine, and possession of cocaine with intent to sell, in just 26 minutes. Evidence showed that a detective with the Okeechobee County Drug Task Force stopped the CI on 11/14/16 for an alleged.. read more →

3 Arrested After Drug Raid in Port St. Lucie

Two men and one woman are facing a multitude of criminal charges after law enforcement executed a search warrant on a Saint Lucie home. The raid included officials from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other departments. At approximately 5:45 a.m., law enforcement officials approached the home to enter and look for drugs. Law enforcement.. read more →

Woman Burns Girl, 5, with Cigarette in Drug-Filled Hotel Room

On Friday, August 4, 2017, a woman from the Port St. Lucie area of Florida was arrested at a hotel room in Boynton Beach. The hotel room was a mess and contained a variety of drugs and drug paraphernalia. In addition, a little girl of only five years of age was found in the room.. read more →

Test, Test and Test

“Fisherman” was arrested in Martin County for possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia on 12/30/16. He exercised his right to remain silent, figuring the deputy would not listen anyway. So Fisherman retained Attorney Jeffrey Garland. He turned down drug court, because he “knew” there were no drugs. Attorney Garland contacted the Indian River Crime Laboratory.. read more →

Another Conspiracy to Racketeer Put to Rest

“Cowboy” was arrested on 9/10/15 in Okeechobee County on a capias charging conspiracy to commit racketeering. The long lasting drama would finally end on 5/22/17 when the charge was nolle prossed by the State. The State theorized that Cowboy had conspired with a racketeering organization, because he had supposedly purchased an “eight ball” (about 3-1/2.. read more →

Fort Pierce Man Tries to Outrun the Police

It never pays to run from police. It always ends in a disastrous situation such as a death, injury or compounded criminal charges. A recent chase ended with a man receiving multiple charges. He had run from the police in his car and then switched to running on foot after his speeding led to a.. read more →

Couple Found Passed Out With Drugs in Crashed Car with Infant

Emergency personnel received a triple surprise when they arrived at the scene of a vehicular accident in Port St. Lucie, Fla., finding inside the damaged car an unconscious couple, an infant and some drug paraphernalia. Facing multiple criminal charges, the couple will certainly require legal representation, the type available from a qualified Port St. Lucie.. read more →

Fort Pierce Drug Operation Compared to a Fast Food Drive-Through

The Fort Pierce, Florida area was recently the home of a huge drug operation where enough heroin to cause 6,000 overdoses was confiscated from the streets of St. Lucie County by police in one of the largest drug busts in memory. In fact, the police deputies compared the operation to a fast food drive through.. read more →

Make Them Test the Drugs- PCR Granted, Client Released

The mother on the other end of the phone was frazzled and upset. Her baby girl had just been sentenced to prison. The mother could not understand what went wrong or why. The mother retained Jeffrey Garland on 8/2/16 to look into the matter. Attorney Garland filed the motion for post-conviction relief (PCR) three days.. read more →

Man’s Arrest Leads to Discovery of Two Port St. Lucie Grow Houses

Vince Jones of Port St. Lucie called the police and reported that some people broke into his home, tied him up and stole several of his possessions. When the officers arrived, they found his door kicked in. Unfortunately for Vince, though, the possessions he identified as stolen were marijuana plants. The police found several more.. read more →

St. Lucie County Felony Arrests

A number of St. Lucie County felony arrest were made in the St. Lucie County, Florida area on Thursday, February 9, 2017. These arrests involved a number of people who committed a variety of crimes. A 49 year old man of the Southwest Savona Boulevard area in Port St. Lucie was arrested on charges of.. read more →

Federal officials arrest Port St. Lucie man after intercepting drug packages

A 26-year-old convicted felon from Port St. Lucie has been arrested and taken into police custody after investigators intercepted two packages addressed to him containing Ecstasy pills that originated from the Netherlands. He had been indicted by a federal grand jury for attempted importation of a controlled substance and attempted possession with intent to distribute.. read more →

Human Trafficking in Fort Pierce

Human trafficking that involves both sex and drugs is a growing problem in many American communities. The recent arrest of two men in Fort Pierce brings the issue home to the Treasure Coast. According to the local police, a prostitution ring has been operating on the streets of Sunrise City and preying on women under.. read more →

Felon caught with guns, drugs in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce police arrested a 26-year-old local man on the night of December 14 on a series of charges, including drug possession and weapons possession. The man, who had previously served two years in prison, was taken to the St. Lucie County jail and arraigned on bail of $100,250. The man was first seen on.. read more →

State Cans RICO Conspiracy in Glades County

The State gave up on efforts to convict customers on a weird theory that the drug customers had become “co-conspirators” with the drug trafficking organization. All charges against Justin Jaybird (not his real name) were dropped on 11/29/16. The strange saga began with a combined DEA-State investigation into methamphetamine distribution in the middle of Florida,.. read more →

Young Woman in Jail After Friend OD’s

A 23-year-old woman found herself in jail last week after the man she was living with died following what appears to be a drug overdose. While no foul play is suspected, the woman was found to possess heroin and may now be facing charges. According to the police, they went to a Port St. Lucie.. read more →

Drug Confiscation Lands Four in Jail

Thursday found four people behind bars following a police search on a Port St. Lucie home. The arrest occurred after police went to a home on Southeast Academy Lane with an arrest affidavit. When police knocked on the door, there was no response, so they entered the home with force. After searching through the resident’s.. read more →

St. Lucie County Felony Arrests: Oct. 18, 2016

There have been a number of felony arrests in the Port St. Lucie area of Florida as of Tuesday, October 18, 2016.  It is important to have a Port St Lucie Criminal defense attorney to help if you are arrested for a felony. The arrests are as follows, in detail. In Sorrento, a 52 year.. read more →

Four Arrested in Port St. Lucie Drug Bust

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, police in Port St. Lucie arrested four people on drug charges. The police acquired drugs, two guns and cash following a raid on a home on Southeast Evergreen Terrace, according to the report. The four individuals who were arrested ranged in ages from 23 to as young as only 14.. read more →

Undercover Drug Purchase Results in Two Arrests in Port St. Lucie

The Port St. Lucie Police Department started off the month of September with the arrest of two suspects charged with crimes related to trafficking in controlled substances. According to local news reports, police officers went undercover to meet a man and a woman who were purportedly selling prescription medications such as Clonazepam and Dilaudid. The.. read more →

Port St. Lucie Police Arrest Man in Fatal Hit-and-Run

An alleged hit-and-run accident in Port St. Lucie on August 26 in which a 25-year-old Pompano Beach motorcyclist died has resulted in the arrest of a 47-old Port St. Lucie man. The latter individual is facing charges of hit-and-run, driving under the influence (DUI) and causing death. He’s currently in St. Lucie County jail on.. read more →

Port Saint Lucie Man Arrested After Guns, Drugs Found in Home

With search warrant in hand, the Port St. Lucie police burst into a home and found 10 guns, 62 marijuana pipes and various drugs. The single male resident was arrested on the spot. He has been charged with with a slew of drug crimes including marijuana production, possession of over 20 grams of marijuana and.. read more →

Mother, Son and Girlfriend Arrested in Port St. Lucie Drug Sting

Three arrests were made in a residential neighborhood in Port St. Lucie after a drug sting following an investigation, according to the Port St. Lucie Police Department. A concerned citizen first reported the drug activity and reported a 29-year-old who was selling marijuana out of his home at 1400 block of SE Grapeland Ave. One.. read more →

Three Arrested on Drug Related Charges in Vero Beach

A recent triple arrest in Vero Beach proved just how much the drug game is still alive in the U.S. The authorities served up three arrest warrants in the area, and the people who were arrested are surely going to need help from a Vero Beach criminal attorney to assist in their defense. Cocaine is.. read more →

State Drops Charge After Demand for Speedy Trial in 41-Year-Old Case

Retired U.S. Coast Guard Commander Russell Miner (not his real name) retained Attorney Jeffrey H. Garland to “clean up” old and erroneous entries on the criminal history maintained by FDLE. A FDLE examiner advised that an arrest for possession of cannabis under 20 grams remained “active”, even though the date of arrest was 6/14/1974. The.. read more →

Methamphetamine RICO Venue Changed

Roscoe Riley (not his real name) was charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering in Okeechobee County. The information alleges a conspiracy to violate unspecified provisions of Chapter 893, dealing with controlled substances. Attorney Garland sought, without success, to dismiss the charge for failing to properly outline the scope and purpose of the conspiracy. The motion.. read more →

Woman Charged Following St. Lucie County Drug Arrest

A Port St. Lucie woman is facing several drug charges after being arrested at a home Thursday. Officers using a warrant seized cocaine and prescription drugs at the home. Now the 27-year-old woman is charged with a laundry list of offenses, including possession of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, and sale.. read more →

Music Fest Trafficking in LSD Dropped

Josh Berringer (not his real name) was arrested on 3/6/16, at the Okeechobee Music Festival, for trafficking in LSD. His family immediately retained Okeechobee drug trafficking attorney Jeffrey Garland. Garland identified irregularities in the manner of the search and the processing of evidence. The supposed field testing of evidence did not match the charge. There.. read more →

Man arrested Following Fort Pierce Firearm Offense

In the early morning hours of April 21, a 28-year-old Fort Pierce man was arrested after police stated that had been identified by a witness as the individual seen firing shots out of the sunroof on a white BMW while driving through Port St. Lucie. That individual, allegedly told Port St. Lucie police that he.. read more →

Car with Factory Tint Stopped for “Too Dark Tint” – Case Dropped Thanks To Florida Turnpike Criminal Defense Lawyer

Respect for law enforcement is diminished when an officer seeks to justify a stop for a reason shown to be false. Subsequent investigation proved that the stopped car had nothing but factory tint. Prosecutors, wisely, dropped charges on 1/20/16, rather than dispute the evidence from a defense expert concluding that the trooper’s “reason” for the.. read more →

Traffic Stop Leads to Man’s Arrest on Fort Pierce Drug Charges

30-year-old Fort Pierce man has been released from St. Lucie County Jail on $184,500 bond on April 2, one day after being arrested on five drug-related charges, including three felonies. The latter charges stem from a subsequent search of his vehicle and home that reportedly discovered over three pounds of cocaine. The man was stopped.. read more →

Man Arrested After St Lucie County Drug Delivery

Police stopped a drug transaction dead in its tracks the other day in St. Lucie County. They ended up arresting two men who were transporting drugs in a KIA Soul vehicle. The driver’s name was Lawrence David Wilson, and he received a citation for driving on a suspended license. The 25-year-old culprit paid a bail.. read more →

Recent Arrest Proves How Port St. Lucie Drug Defense Attorney Can Provide Vital Help

On February 9, 2016, Port St. Lucie police arrested a male resident who allegedly sold Xanax and marijuana to an undercover narcotics agent. Per local media report, special investigators and SWAT team members discovered more than 10 grams of marijuana partially bagged for resale along with $166 cash, ammunition and a digital precision scale after.. read more →

Man with Prescription and Street Drugs Leads to Fort Pierce Drug Arrest

Fort Pierce man arrested with prescription and street drugs A 23-year-old Fort Pierce man, Martavious Leon King, was arrested just after midnight on February 2 for a series of drug-related offenses following a search of his car by officials from the St. Lucie County sheriff’s office. King, who was being held in the St. Lucie.. read more →

Port St. Lucie Drug Arrest After Deputies Find Drugs In Men’s Home

During the execution of a police search warrant on the morning of December 11 by members of the St. Lucie County Special Investigation Unit, a pair of Port St. Lucie men were arrested at their home on a variety of drug-related charges. 24-year-old Taylor James Knott and 32-year-old Guillermo Ramos were both charged with possession.. read more →

Three Men Arrested in St. Lucie Grow House Operation

On the morning of December 2, three men were arrested by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office investigators for allegedly running a marijuana grow house, with officials also seizing 92 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $275,000. Orley Recio and his brother-in-law, Wildo Dumont, both 43 and living in Fort Pierce, were arrested with.. read more →

Drug Selling Four-Some Gives New Meaning to “Convenience” Store

People continue to use creative ways to sell drugs in America. The police recently arrested four individuals who worked in a grocery store in Fort Pierce. The authorities are charging the four culprits with selling drugs out of the “Around the Clark” store in which they worked. Police headquarters received a tip that led them.. read more →

Constructive Possession Rules Set Client Free From Prosecution

A search warrant was executed on 8/13/14 on 1604-A Avenue K in Fort Pierce, Florida. According to the arrest affidavit, Jamie Baucomb (not his real name) was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. These charges were based upon nine crack cocaine rocks which were.. read more →

12 Arrested in Massive Drug Bust Require the Services of a Fort Pierce Federal Criminal Lawyer

After a seven-month investigation into a massive drug ring was conducted by law enforcement, an arrest of 12 individuals was made. 12 people are currently in jail and 13 arrests are pending. The heroin bust is anticipated to be the “tip of the iceberg” with a growing problem that seems to increase in its severity… read more →

Drug Related Charges Increasing In Fort Pierce

The number of cases involving a drug called flakka is on the rise in Fort Pierce. On Thursday, June 18, 2015, police found three men at Chevron gas station in Fort Pierce. Investigators found that the men had flakka, guns and a ski mask. On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, investigators issued a warrant after a.. read more →

Stolen IPad Leads To Marijuana Grow House In St. Lucie

Officers in Port St. Lucie have stated that a stolen iPad led them to a marijuana grow house. The officers stated that they started the investigation in January after an iPad was stolen from Wal-Mart. They found out that the stolen iPad was activated by a man named Robinson Taverez. Timothy Bordt, who is a.. read more →

Just Cuz There’s Paraphernalia Doesn’t Mean They Can Jail Ya

Astor Johanson (not his real name) had just helped unload the catch from a commercial fishing trip. Johanson drove away from the docks in his SUV, happy to be back on dry land after a successful fishing excursion. An overly alert St. Lucie County Sheriff’s detective noted that Johanson was not wearing a seatbelt. Thus.. read more →

How a Defense Lawyer Can Help Those Charged With Drug Offenses

The recent arrest of a 25-year-old Fort Pierce man on drug and other charges illustrates the ongoing “war on drugs” that this nation has been waging for decades. It also shows the importance of legal assistance for those charged with drug-related offenses. It is this type of service that is provided by a Fort Pierce.. read more →

Drug Charges

Pot Charges Dropped Magnum Jones (not his real name) was arrested for possession of marijuana under 20 grams on August 27, 2013. Police approached two men who were simply standing next to a van located in a public place. The police officer claimed that there was nothing on the ground when he first engaged both.. read more →

State Drops Fort Pierce Drug Bust Charges

State Forced to Drop Trafficking in Cocaine and Oxycodone Charges Fletcher Bowdoin (not his real name) was arrested on 12/20/12 by the Fort Pierce Police Department. The police report states that Bowdoin was found hiding under a bed. The police claimed that 20 grams of “crack cookies” were found in the kitchen trash, together with.. read more →

Prosecuting Fluorophenylpiperazine

Fluorophenylpiperazine. There is a problem with prosecuting this “designer drug”. Florida Statutes do not list the many alternative chemical formulae for this type of drug. If it is not prohibited, it cannot be prosecuted. Be sure to obtain the laboratory testing results and approved procedure before accepting any claim by prosecutors that the substance in.. read more →

Tales from the Bizzarro World – DHSMV Provides Contradictory Driving Histories

Johnny Morris (not his real name) was arrested on 2/16/12, in Okeechobee County for possession of cocaine, possession of cannabis under 20 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia, and misdemeanor driving while license suspended (DWLS). Morris bonded out of jail. The State subsequently filed formal charges (which added a charge of evidence tampering), and provided discovery,.. read more →

Judge: Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Not Illegal

A Fort Pierce lawyer found a 17 year-old Supreme Court decision that kept his client out of jail. By Susannah A. Nesmith Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Every year, dozens of people traipse through pastures in wester Martin and St. Lucie Counties picking hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow in cow manure. read more →