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Man arrested Following Fort Pierce Firearm Offense

In the early morning hours of April 21, a 28-year-old Fort Pierce man was arrested after police stated that had been identified by a witness as the individual seen firing shots out of the sunroof on a white BMW while driving through Port St. Lucie.

That individual, allegedly told Port St. Lucie police that he and the passenger in his vehicle had been asked to leave the Hookah Moon Lounge and that the shots were “a show of force.”

The witness, whose identity wasn’t given, indicated to police that the man was the person who was firing shots as he drove down Southeast Port St. Lucie Boulevard shortly before 2 a.m. Once the vehicle had reached the intersection of Southeast Airoso, the man was stopped.

The man was subsequently arrested on the following five charges: firing a weapon from a vehicle, possessing under 20 grams of marijuana, possessing a non-prescribed controlled substance, driving under the influence and being under the influence while using a firearm.

The items were discovered during a search of the vehicle and included an Amoxicillin pill and Black Walther Pk380 handgun underneath the front seat of the passenger. In addition, the marijuana was discovered during a pat-down of Rodriguez.

In his search for legal assistance for those charges, the man will need a Port St. Lucie DUI attorney as well as Port St. Lucie firearms attorney. Those two requirements can be found in a single lawyer, Jeffrey Garland, who has handled countless cases of this nature for more than three decades.

Garland is aware that in the case of DUI’s, faulty blood and breath tests can be given, thereby compromising the results. Each case that he agrees to take is thoroughly investigated, with the circumstances sometimes conflicting with the laws in place. If a conviction does occur, Jeffrey Garland will make every effort to help his client maintain driving privileges.

When it comes to firearms, witnesses are not always 100 percent accurate, with that gray area providing a window for Jeffrey Garland to potentially poke holes in the state’s case. The discovery of such weapons may also have taken place during an illegal search, which could result in the case being thrown out altogether.

If you or someone you know has been charged with either a DUI or firearms offense, contact the law offices of Jeffrey Garland today and set up a free consultation.