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Indian River County Criminal Lawyer

Hiring an Indian River County Criminal Lawyer

Indian River CountyLocated on the Treasure Coast of Florida, Indian River County is home to more than 150,000 people and offers easy access to the employment and entertainment opportunities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Port St. Lucie. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, finding the right Indian River County criminal lawyer can make the difference between jail time and achieving an acquittal on all charges. Your attorney can help you to protect your reputation and can provide a solid defense to help you beat the charges against you in the state of Florida.

The Court System in Indian River County

The 19th Judicial Circuit Court hears cases in the Indian River County Courthouse and is located at 2000 16th Avenue in Vero Beach, Florida. Most of the criminal cases that are charged in Indian River County are heard here, including felonies, traffic offenses, misdemeanors, juvenile offenses and issues falling under the oversight of the Family Services Division. Working with a qualified and experienced Indian River County criminal lawyer can help you, your friends or family members to defend themselves against charges in our area of Florida.

What to Do If You Are Accused of a Crime

It is important to understand your rights when you have been accused of a crime. In the United States, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. You will have the right to a trial before a jury composed of your peers. You may be able to waive this right to allow you to settle your case out of court or to appear directly in front of a judge. In general, however, you should consult with an Indian River County criminal lawyer before making any decisions or waiving any of your rights.

Your attorney will work with you to determine the facts of your case and to construct the best possible defense. Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. can provide you with practical support to help you take on the criminal charges against you and to deliver the right recommendations and representation to help you navigate the Florida legal system more successfully and safely.

Attorney Jeffrey H. Garland Can Help

At the law offices of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A., we offer practical help for those charged with serious crimes in Indian River County and throughout the Treasure Coast. We handle all types of criminal cases, including the following types of alleged criminal offenses:

  • Drug offenses that include possession, possession with intent to distribute and trafficking
  • Doctor shopping and prescription drug fraud
  • Driving under the influence (DUI), boating under the influence (BUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • Vehicular homicide and manslaughter
  • Alleged criminal activity on the internet
  • White collar crimes to include embezzlement or fraud
  • Violent criminal activity, which may include charges of murder, domestic violence, assault and battery
  • Appeals of previous decisions
  • Crimes prosecuted at the federal or state level

Attorney Jeffrey H. Garland can provide the practical legal representation needed to help you defend yourself against criminal charges in Indian River County, Florida.

Avoiding the Most Serious Consequences of Criminal Convictions

As a leading Indian River County criminal lawyer, Jeffrey H. Garland can provide assertive and effective defense representation that can often help you to avoid convictions on the charges against you. If you are convicted, you may face some serious consequences:

  • Possible jail time or extended probation
  • Significant fines
  • For DUI or DWI charges, the loss of the right to drive and other restrictions on your driving privileges
  • Loss of security clearances
  • Issues with future employment and loss of your current job
  • Loss of reputation
  • Potential issues with child custody arrangements

Working with a qualified Indian River County criminal lawyer like Jeffrey H. Garland can help you to present the best defense possible to take on the charges against you. This can often allow you to avoid conviction on these charges and can provide you with added peace of mind if you have been charged with a criminal offense in the state of Florida.

Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. is a trusted criminal defense lawyer serving Indian River County and the entire Treasure Coast of Florida. Call our offices today at 772-489-2200 to schedule a personalized case evaluation or to ask for more information on our legal services. At the law offices of Jeffrey H. Garland, we are here to serve you now and whenever you need us in the future.