The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. A Professional Association Jeffrey H. Garland, a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer serving the Treasure Coast of Florida since 1981, and who provides the highest levels of representation in Criminal Defense, Marital Law, and Personal Injury cases.
The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A.
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Along the Treasure Coast, including St. Lucie, Martin , Indian River and Okeechobee Counties, criminal charges such as drug trafficking, computer offenses, DUI and BUI offenses,  prescription fraud, false accusations of sexual misconduct, unjust battery charges, and DWLS dominate the news headlines. If you are charged with these or any other crimes, you must find the most talented, experienced team of legal professionals to obtain the best results.

The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A.  is a Professional Association featuring Jeffrey H. Garland, a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer serving the Treasure Coast of Florida since 1981, and who provides the highest levels of representation in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury cases.

The practice is in both State and Federal courts, representing the innocent and falsely accused on a variety of criminal matters, including unjust battery charges, conspiracy, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, prescription fraud, narcotics, forfeitures, probation violations, computer offenses, sexual misconduct, DUI and BUI manslaughter, DWLS , obtaining reinstatement of suspended licenses, post-conviction relief and appeals.

Police make arrests ,and prosecutors pursue formal charges, based upon assumptions about evidence and how that evidence relates to a given case. By nature and training, Mr. Garland does not idly accept evidence, until it has been examined and tested. Unlike many attorneys, Mr. Garland has scientific training which allows him to work with qualified experts to identify, challenge and expose erroneous law enforcement assumptions.

Since 1981, Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyer Mr. Garland has focused his practice on criminal defense. He has utilized his knowledge of technical and scientific principles to win cases:

  • In a Ft. Pierce DUI manslaughter case, the FDLE laboratory found the accused’s blood to be “positive” for marijuana. Mr. Garland exposed the analyst’s error. The analyst had e-mailed another person’s results to a laboratory mail box intended for the accused’s test results. The subsequent internal investigation documented the error and proved that there was no cannabis.
  • In an Ocala computer porn case, a computer expert at U.S. Customs provided key evidence leading to the arrest of the accused. Mr. Garland exposed the fact that the expert had made a serious error: He “tripped the jumper”. This error effectively reset the computer’s internal clock, which made the prosecution impossible.
  • In a Vero Beach first degree murder case, a medical examiner established a time of death using, in part, his determination of the water temperature where the body was recovered. Mr. Garland undermined this testimony by revealing that the medical examiner actually used a turkey thermometer to test the water temperature. Further, Mr. Garland learned that the medical examiner tested only the surface temperature, not at the most likely depth where the weighted body might have been. The deep water temperature , where the weighted body was located, was much cooler. The medical examiner’s own testimony was used to contradict an eyewitness. The “eyewitness” said he saw the accused kill the victim at a specific date, time and place. The ME admitted that the actual time of death was probably several days before the event described by the “eyewitness”, thus thoroughly demolishing the “eyewitness” testimony.
  • In a DUI case, a young Port St. Lucie police officer claimed that she had observed the accused for at least 20 minutes before administering a breath test. Using 911 records and jail security video, Mr. Garland demonstrated that the officer arrived at and left the jail in just 16 minutes. The breath test results were inadmissible.
  • In a federal prosecution for assault on a federal employee case, the postal inspectors maintained that a “stun gun” was a deadly weapon. Mr. Garland employed a bio-electrical engineer to test and evaluate the weapon. The engineer concluded that the stun gun was unlikely to cause serious injury.
  • In a Stuart VOP, the probationer was charged with a urinalysis positive for methamphetamine. Mr. Garland employed a toxicologist to demonstrate that the State’s testing could not discriminate between dextro-methamphetamine, which is illegal, and levo-methamphetamine, which is not. Since the test results were not inconsistent with the use of a Vick’s inhaler, the VOP warrant was dismissed.
  • A client was charged in Martin County with theft over $100,000 and a variety of equally outrageous offenses. Mr. Garland employed an admiralty expert to evaluate the written contracts and the related maritime practices. The expert showed that the client was fully within his rights to “repossess” a barge which had been leased for a specific period of time: a bareback charter. The FHP trooper was completely wrong to arrest the client for theft of the heavy equipment which just happened to be on the barge at the time of repossession. All charges were dropped.

is a board certified criminal trial lawyer serving the Treasure Coast of Florida, including St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River, Okeechobee, Highlands, Glades and Brevard Counties.  This area includes the cities of Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Stuart, Vero Beach, Sabastian, Okeechobee, Sebring, Moore Haven, Melbourne and Palm Bay.  He practices in both State and federal courts representing the innocent and falsely accused on variety of criminal charges.

Mr. Garland employs a wide assortment of experts, each of whom is highly knowledgeable within their field. Each particular circumstance may require a different type of expert. these fields of expertise include toxicology, handwriting, computers, accounting, automobile crash reconstruction, investigation, medical, electrical engineering, police practices, recordings (sound and video), firearms, tool marks, fingerprints, police interrogation methods, admiralty, vessel mechanics and maritime/boating practices.

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We also provide representation in personal injury, forfeiture, and business investigation matters.