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  • Published: July 19, 2019

Hiring a Qualified Indian River Drug Arrest Attorney We never know what we might do when faced with a particular situation. We like to think we would jump in to help save a life, or stand up for someone in trouble, or even do the right thing when faced with a moral question. Many of us run through scenarios in our minds like, what would I do if this or that happened, but we rarely get tested in the ways we think up. In April in Sebastian, FL, an Indian River County Sheriff's deputy pulled over the 28 year old man for "following too closely" behind another vehicle in inclement weather. It should be noted here that that was the only thing this young man was doing wrong as far as the deputy knew. The point here is that he…Read More

Indian River Sex Crimes Attorney
  • Published: July 15, 2019

Help from an Indian River Sex Crimes Attorney On July 10, a 56-year-old Vero Beach man who's been in Indian River County jail for the past 14 months was arrested by members of the Sheriff's Office. The arrest deals with four additional counts connected to alleged sexual crimes against a child. Those charges involve two counts for molestation of a child between 12 and 16 years of age and two counts of sexual battery for a child under the age of 12. The man had been employed as a truck driver and lived in the 4100 block of 39th Drive at the time of his earlier arrest. He's been held without bail since May 2018 for similar crimes involving two sisters, ages 15 and 11, as well as committing child abuse. One of the sexual battery charges in this recent…Read More

Indian River Fentanyl Arrest Lawyer
  • Published: June 28, 2019

Indian River Fentanyl Arrest Lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland An investigation that lasted for three months resulted in 12 narcotics arrests by the Indian River County Sheriff's Office. The investigation was code named "Operation Dark Source," and it took down a drug dealer who used the "dark web" to purchase fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine. More than 100 grams of narcotics were seized pursuant to search warrants for three residences. "Knock and announce" raids occurred at the residences. Along with firearms, drug manufacturing and distribution equipment were also taken. The firearms seized in the operation included a .32 caliber pistol, a .380 caliber pistol and .22 caliber rifle. Both males and females were arrested. Their ages were between 26 and 56. All of the arrestees were from either Vero Beach or Sebastian. Fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine are all extremely powerful and dangerous…Read More

Indian River Child Abuse Attorney
  • Published: June 5, 2019

Indian River Child Abuse Attorney Jeffrey H. Garland Deputies from Indian River County took a 19-year-old Cocoa woman into custody earlier in the week after she was alleged to have made threats against an infant. Deputies at the scene apparently believed that the woman was trying to suffocate the 6-month-old child. They had been searching for her and the child after she had threatened to harm herself and an infant. Her cell phone was giving police a signal from a Walmart parking lot on 20th Street. She was located there inside of her locked seat. Deputies reported that when they approached the woman, she began to squeeze the infant by placing it face down on her chest and appeared to be suffocating it. They smashed her car window to access the infant and removed it from the car before taking…Read More

Indian River Drug Trafficking Attorney
  • Published: May 24, 2019

Help from a Indian River Drug Trafficking Attorney Following a months-long investigation, the Indian River County Sheriff's Office raided the home of an Indian River County man believed to be a major supplier of narcotics. By the end of the day, the man was charged with more than two dozen felonies and remains in jail on a $753,500 bond. With help from the Drug Enforcement AdministrationDrug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), police seized substantial amounts of marijuana, cocaine and hydromorphone as well as a handful of firearms, at least one of which was stolen. Scales, baggies and substances used to cut cocaine were also seized from the suspect's home. According to court records, authorities began investigating the man in January, and confidential informants conducted several controlled buys. The man would typically meet…Read More

Indian River County Criminal Lawyer
  • Published: May 3, 2019

Help from an Indian River County Criminal Lawyer For deputies at the Indian River County Sheriff's Department, April 10, 2018, was business as usual for felony arrests. Not a day goes by without several of them. A 32-year-old Vero Beach man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (MDMA), possession of hyromorphone and possession of dilaudid and possession of cocaine. A 24-year-old man from Ohio was picked up on a warrant for a violation of probation on a conviction for child abuse. A 34-year-old Sebastian woman was also picked up on a warrant. She was charged with driving on a suspended license with knowledge. Another Sebastian resident, a 24-year-old man, was taken into custody on a warrant for lewd or lascivious molestation of a victim between the ages of 12 and 16. A 27-year-old Sebastian man was picked up…Read More

Indian River County Deputies Arrest Teen Suspected of Attacking Man
  • Published: April 12, 2019

Indian River Criminal Defense Attorney, Jeffrey Garland reports a teen of only 15 years of age was taken into police custody after allegedly committing a violent carjacking against a man, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. The victim reported that he was jumped from behind and struck with a weapon behind a BP gas station located just off 43rd Avenue in the Indian River County, Florida area. The incident took place on Thursday, January 24, 2019. After the man was robbed of his truck, he was then run over as the perpetrator took off with the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, police on the job in Vero Beach found his vehicle less than a mile from the scene of the crime. The man, who is 50 years old, said that he ended up in the hospital and it was determined…Read More

Indian River Men Arrested After Using Empty Beer Box for Target Practice Near Child’s Birthday Party
  • Published: April 3, 2019

Indian River Firearm Arrest Lawyer Two local Indian River County men were arrested recently after they took turns shooting at an empty beer box. The men’s ages are 64 and 46. Sheriff’s investigators reported that the two parked a vehicle off of a dirt road near Interstate 95. That’s when they began firing off rounds at the box. A Sheriff’s spokesman said that the men admitted to shooting the gun. As there was no berm or backstop at the site, the spokesman said that bullets went flying past an open pasture near 82nd Avenue where more than 20 children were celebrating a birthday party. That pasture was an estimated 3,600 feet away. A man who had attended the birthday party had the back window of his pickup truck shot out by one of the men. Nobody was injured by the…Read More

Burning Marijuana Plants Draws Attention to Indian River County Home
  • Published: March 29, 2019

Indian River Marijuana Arrest Lawyer Deputies from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Department paid a visit to the home of a 64-year-old man in Fellsmere earlier in the week to find him in his yard “open burning” a pile of marijuana leaves. Although on fire, the marijuana was identified by its odor. Remains of what are believed to be small marijuana plants and leaves were identified. No quantity of purported marijuana was given, and the matter remains under investigation. Although an arrest was made, there is no indication of what the man was specifically charged with. Cultivating or Growing Marijuana As per section 893.13(1)(a) of the Florida Statutes, it is against the law for a person to manufacture or possess with intent to manufacture any controlled substance. Indian River criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland advises that manufacturing marijuana contemplates…Read More

Indian River County Man Charged With Domestic Violence
  • Published: March 21, 2019

Indian River Domestic Violence Attorney The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office has reported that a 27-year-old man from there was arrested late last week after a woman who was at his home had her leg impaled with a steak knife. After being called to the home, deputies reportedly found the victim with the knife stuck about an inch deep immediately above her right ankle. The man said that he and the woman argued about cigarettes, and he threw the knife at the door of the home. Deputies reported that given the light weight of the knife, it probably wasn’t stuck in the woman’s leg from being thrown. The woman said that she didn’t know what happened. The man was charged with aggravated domestic violence. He posted a bond of $5,000 the next morning. As per Florida Statute 741.28, domestic violence…Read More

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