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Port St Lucie drug trafficking
Help from a Port St Lucie Drug Trafficking Lawyer Florida severely punishes people who are convicted of drug offenses. When people are alleged to have engaged in drug trafficking, the penalties upon a conviction will be even more severe. People who are charged with drug trafficking might also face prosecution in federal court, and federal...
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Second Degree Felony Murder Lawyer
Recent Case From Second Degree Felony Murder Lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland In Florida, you can be charged with felony murder when someone dies while you are committing certain types of offenses even when the death was unintentional. Felony murder carries the same potential penalties as first-degree murder. People who are convicted of felony murder can...
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Stuart drug possession lawyer
Are You in Need of a Stuart Drug Possession Lawyer? Drug offenses are treated harshly in Florida. When a gun is involved, the charges can be even more serious. Similarly, possessing drugs in amounts above a statutory threshold, possessing prescription drugs without a valid prescription, or possessing multiple different types of drugs and paraphernalia indicating...
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