Video Surveillance Helps Police Make Arrest

Video surveillance showed that a man, 36-year-old Barlow Simpson, was kicked and punched nearly 30 times outside a bar in St. Lucie County. According to police records, most of these blows were delivered after he was already unconscious. When the police arrived at Filthy’s Fine Cocktails & Bar around 2 a.m., they discovered Simpson slumped.. read more →

5 Accused Killers Charged with Beating Murder Suspect

During the week ending Friday, October 5, 2018, five accused killers in the Indian River County jail in Florida now face additional battery charges after beating another inmate who was arrested during the summer. The inmate who was the victim is a 47 year old man who resides at the 4200 block of 26th Avenue… read more →

Indian River County Recent Criminal Arrest

On July 30, members of Indian River County law enforcement made 18 felony arrests of individuals who ranged in ages from 19 to 59. The scope of the crimes saw 11 of the 18 arrested for drug-related offenses and four others brought in on charges connected to battery of an individual. With the drug offenses,.. read more →

Two Men Face Battery Charges in Fort Pierce

Two men are facing battery charges after they allegedly attacked a man in Fort Pierce. Police say the men both attacked another man who ended up unconscious from the altercation. The man suffered serious injuries. Police say that the men allegedly knocked the victim to the ground and then punched him. They say the men.. read more →

Victory in Storage Wars of a Sort

Phillippe St. Jean (not his real name) exports stuff to Haiti using 40′ shipping containers. He rents a warehouse in St. Lucie County to store the containers for short periods of time until pickup by the shipping company. St. Jean made the common mistake of trying to help out a friend in need. The friend.. read more →

Fort Pierce Man Drives Himself to Hospital With Knife in His Back

Loud shouting disrupted the stillness on the 4400 block of Evergreen Avenue as tragedy and physical violence struck. A woman of 23 years of age, has been arrested and charged with aggravated battery. She’s from Fort Pierce, and she was arrested after stabbing a man in the back. The same man drove himself to the.. read more →

Man Arrested for Throwing Plate of Hot Food in Woman’s Face

A 50-year-old woman from Fort Pierce was allegedly struck twice by hot plates of food on August 25 while sitting in her car on Avenue I. After the woman stated to police that she knew the alleged assailant and told them that he lives nearby, he was subsequently arrested on battery charges. The Fort Pierce.. read more →

Port St. Lucie Landlord Cleared of Wrongdoing

“Landlord” was arrested on 1/17/17, for trying to repair water damage to one of his rental properties. The tenants had said they were anxious to get the repairs completed, so that their children would not be exposed to mold. Turns out the tenants were a special breed of “squatters”, who specialize in avoidance of paying.. read more →

Double Jeopardy Precludes Retrial After Reversal on Appeal

Cicily Jones (not her real name) hired Jeffrey Garland on 2/26/15 to appeal her conviction for resisting without violence. The trial took place before Judge Yacucci in St. Lucie County. Attorney Garland argued on appeal that the evidence was insufficient to prove the “lawful execution of legal duty”, which is an element of the charge… read more →

Florida Woman Allegedly Punches Landlord Over Missing Crack Pipe

Last weekend, a Vero Beach woman started an altercation that ultimately lead to her arrest. The woman’s landlord claimed that he was beaten by her because she thought that he stole her crack pipe. The arrest affidavit explains that the woman lost her crack pipe, so she assumed her landlord took it away from her… read more →

Man Charged Following Fort Pierce Aggravated Assault Arrest

On March 29, 2016, a twenty-five-year-old man saw his ex-girlfriend riding in another man’s car in Fort Pierce, Florida. After signalling them to pull their car over, Miguel Gomez is alleged to have begun to chase them in his vehicle. Reportedly, Gomez rammed the back of their car three times, finally sending it into an.. read more →

Man Flashes Fake Badge, Demands Oral Sex

On February 3rd, a police officer was on a routine patrol in Fort Pierce, Florida, when he came across the Lucky 7 Food Mart. It was here that he saw a man aggressively poking a woman in the chest near the store front. When the officer confronted the man, Roger Wayne Runyon, 68, he claimed.. read more →

Okeechobee Battery Attorney Defends Man Charged in Bar Fight

Okeechobee Stampede Bar Brouhaha Resolved – The Case For a Better Defense Something happened at the Okeechobee Stampede bar around 1:30 – 2:00 A.M. in the early morning hours of 2/14/15. This was not a lovers’ quarrel. Whatever it was, no one involved thought it important enough to complain about that night to the Okeechobee.. read more →

Allegations Of Child Neglect While Under The Influence Leads To Serious Consequences

Charges of child neglect or abandonment are serious ones that can tear families apart and leave children feeling traumatized not only due to the event that brought about the charge, but the legal complications that follow. Especially if charges of drug possession or other related offenses are attached to the family matter, a child is.. read more →

Two Men Arrested for Battery in St Lucie

Two men from the Fort Pierce, Florida area were arrested on Saturday, February 7, 2015 for assault. The arrest occurred after the two had allegedly beaten up a third man and punched and kicked him until he fell over onto the ground. One of the individuals allegedly involved in the attack was 25 year old.. read more →

Domestic Battery Bites Dust

Attorney Jeffrey Garland was retained to represent Emilio Garcia (not his real name), just after his arrest for domestic violence. The wife is the person who actually retained Mr. Garland. As is so often the case, police responded to the Garcia residence in Fort Pierce, Florida, on 6/20/14, shortly after midnight. Mrs. Garcia was upset.. read more →

Saint Lucie Criminal Lawyer

Revoked Bond Lands Citizen in Jail…Thrice Ready for Trial Secures His Release Ron Wilson (not his real name) ran into trouble upon trouble. Initially jailed on the say so of a neighbor with known mental instability, Ron secured his release on bond. He then ran into problems with his estranged wife, with whom he was.. read more →

Fort Pierce Aggravated Battery Lawyer

Aggravated Battery Charges Dropped in Okeechobee County Newt Ranger (not his real name) was arrested for an aggravated battery that allegedly occurred on 10/26/13, at about 1:30 A.M. 17-year-old Newt, together with a number of other juveniles and adults, were at Douglas Park in Okeechobee. The State accused Newt of hitting a 22-year-old man in.. read more →

Fort Pierce Criminal Defense Lawyer

Allstate’s “DriveWise” Records Show Squatter to be Liar: Stalking Charge Dropped at Jury Selection A 77-year-old man was arrested for “stalking”. The “victim” made a sworn statement as follows: [Mr. Cook] has be[en] coming by my house 3 to 4 times a day dating to back to last year. If we go to the store,.. read more →

Indian River County Criminal Attorney Gets Charges Dropped

Lonely Heart’s Club – Sister Accuses Her Own Mother and Brother of False Imprisonment and Battery – All Charges Dropped After Year of Intense Litigation – Detective Poses as Pseudo-Psychologist Adrian Antoon and his mother, Giselle (not their real names), were arrested in Indian River County in August, 2012, on charges of false imprisonment and.. read more →

Fort Pierce Child Abuse Arrest Reduced to Simple Battery

Jack Martin (not his real name) was arrested in March, 2013, for child abuse. He promptly retained Jeffrey H. Garland to represent him in the Martin County case. Fort Pierce Child Abuse The discovery materials revealed a tragically familiar scenario. As a young man, Martin married, had two children and divorced. Martin agreed to leave.. read more →

All Charges Dropped Against Highyway Artist

Famed Highwaymen artist Willie Daniels, retained the firm of Kirschner & Garland, P.A., to represent him in connection with a domestic battery charge lodged against him by the Fort Pierce Police Department. The State “picked up” the charges by filing an Information against Daniels on July 8, 2005. After conducting a thorough investigation into the.. read more →