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Traffic Stop Leads to Man’s Arrest on Fort Pierce Drug Charges

30-year-old Fort Pierce man has been released from St. Lucie County Jail on $184,500 bond on April 2, one day after being arrested on five drug-related charges, including three felonies. The latter charges stem from a subsequent search of his vehicle and home that reportedly discovered over three pounds of cocaine.

The man was stopped by a sheriff’s sergeant west of Interstate 95 after he was spotted not wearing a seat belt. In addition, he was accused of making an illegal U-turn near Okeechobee and South Header Canal roads.

When asked if he had anything inside his Jeep, officials say the man turned pale and began to shake. When Karmen, a sheriff’s dog, was brought in to check for any drugs, over 2.5 pounds of cocaine was discovered.

That allegedly led the man to tell investigators that approximately $15,000, an additional pound of cocaine and a scale were at his home in the 16600 block of Orange Avenue. Those officials also indicated that the man indicated that he had previously sold cocaine before and was in the process of starting his operation back up again.

The man was officially charged of both trafficking and manufacturing cocaine. Additional charges were for possession, manufacturing or delivering drug equipment.

The need for a Fort Pierce drug defense lawyer in this case is clearly evident. Jeffrey Garland is an attorney that fits that select category, having plenty of experience working with clients at both the state and federal levels to offer the most vigorous defense possible.

Such defenses can be for something as limited as simple possession to major charges related to drug trafficking, doctor shopping or the cultivation of grow houses.

Jeffrey Garland knows that simply being in a vehicle where drugs may be discovered doesn’t constitute possession. The state of Florida must prove conclusively that this individual was aware of and could control the drugs. If there’s not enough evidence, the charge can be dismissed following a sworn C-4 motion.

In addition, searches for drugs can sometimes be compromised when disregard for the law is shown by law enforcement officials.

Due to the serious nature of such charges, it’s never a good idea to base the hiring of an attorney on anything other than success. If you or someone you know is in need of a Fort Pierce drug defense lawyer, contact the office of Jeffrey Garland.