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Felon caught with guns, drugs in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce police arrested a 26-year-old local man on the night of December 14 on a series of charges, including drug possession and weapons possession. The man, who had previously served two years in prison, was taken to the St. Lucie County jail and arraigned on bail of $100,250.

The man was first seen on North 31st Street at 10 p.m. on the night of the 14th by five foot patrol officers. Those officers saw what they believed was a cup containing an alcoholic beverage in the man’s hand. When officers approached him, he had just put the cup in his father’s pickup truck.

Inside that truck, which was later found to be inoperable, officers allegedly discovered a handgun in the backseat. At that point, the man sprinted away while grabbing hold of the front of his pants. Due to the concern that he was in possession of another gun, one officer fired a Taser shot at him, which missed.

The man had no weapon and was discovered to have been holding his pants to keep them from falling. Police later reported that they had discovered five stolen handguns in the truck, along with two grams of marijuana and eight grams of Ecstasy.

The serious nature of such charges means that the accused will be in need of a quality Ft. Pierce criminal attorney. One call to Jeffrey Garland would be the man’s best option, due to the level of experience that Garland offers his clients.

Having dealt with a multitude of drug cases in both federal and state courts, Jeffrey Garland knows that legitimate defenses exist against such charges. As a Ft. Pierce criminal attorney, he’s aware that the state must prove that the individual on trial knew they were in possession of illegal drugs.

In addition, Garland knows that the controversial reliance of informants to obtain evidence against accused individuals may involve using people whose trust is questionable. With respect to the police, their techniques when it comes to search and seizure and their use of warrants for wiretaps can sometimes be found to be illegal.

Ft. Pierce Criminal Attorney Jeffrey Garland

Jeffrey Garland has been a Ft. Pierce criminal attorney for more than three decades and has achieved frequent success in the courtroom. He’s prepared to fully defend the legal rights of all his clients, so if you or someone you know needs his help, contact his office today.