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Drug Selling Four-Some Gives New Meaning to “Convenience” Store

People continue to use creative ways to sell drugs in America. The police recently arrested four individuals who worked in a grocery store in Fort Pierce. The authorities are charging the four culprits with selling drugs out of the “Around the Clark” store in which they worked. Police headquarters received a tip that led them to a prompt and thorough investigation. During their search, the officers recovered 28 grams of crack cocaine along with 42 grams of marijuana and $850 that they assumed the culprits earned from drug sales. Sources stated that people in the neighborhood new the store quite well for its drug dealings.

The names of the four employees are Kenneth Boatwright, Chester McCoy, Lawanda Northard and Timothy Hightower. Northard and Hightower are the two employees that had cocaine on them, according to sources. McCoy and Boatwright were the ones who had marijuana on their persons. All four individuals have received charges of possession, and some of them received charges of intent to sell drugs. They unknowingly sold drugs to an undercover police officer, which prompted the arrest. The penalty may be severe for them if the judge finds them guilty, since they committed the crime within 1,000 feet of a park.

All states within the United States have severe penalties when it comes to selling and possessing drugs. The nation is trying to clean up all the streets and is thus implementing harsh penalties for offenders. An accused person will need to speak with a Ft. Pierce drug attorney to gain clarity on what he or she is facing for the charge. The penalty depends on the amount of the drug that the person has and the type of drug it is. Drugs go by schedules, and the penalties go up as the schedules become more severe.

An accused person can contact a Fort Pierce drug defense lawyer for an immediate consultation for an alleged drug crime. The attorney will review the case details and let the accused person know if he or she has a viable defense. A drug lawyer in Fort Pierce can assist using a number of strategies. One strategy is searching for procedural holes and skipped steps. The second strategy is dismantling reasonable doubt. If all else fails, the attorney can try to plead for a lighter sentence. If you or someone you know has received a citation for a drug charge in Fort Piece, you can contact Jeffery Garland at 772.489.2200.