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Port Saint Lucie Man Arrested After Guns, Drugs Found in Home

Port St. Lucie Criminal LawyerWith search warrant in hand, the Port St. Lucie police burst into a home and found 10 guns, 62 marijuana pipes and various drugs. The single male resident was arrested on the spot. He has been charged with with a slew of drug crimes including marijuana production, possession of over 20 grams of marijuana and cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and trafficking methamphetamine.

Allegedly, the police were tipped that the home west of the Florida Turnpike had a stockpile of drugs, weapons and ammunition. The tip came from a woman who apparently had some kind of relationship with the suspect. She reported he used meth daily, often locking himself in the bathroom for hours. She also told police the suspect was a drug supplier for the Black Piston Motorcycle Club and manufactured dabs, or cannabis wax.

During questioning, the suspect told police he had been high on marijuana and meth at least a week. He does have a legitimate concealed carry permit, but it had not been established if he had any licenses for the shotguns and assault rifles, including a Fab Defense AR-15, Camo Mossberg 12 gauge, AK-47, Glock 23 and H&R Inc. .38 caliber revolver. The police also found drum style and double feed magazines, ammunition, 628 grams of marijuana, 90 grams of methamphetamine, one gram of cocaine, 62 glass smoking pipes and a digital scale with residue of cannabis, cannabis wax and a grinder with marijuana residue.

At this time, it is still not known when the suspect will be arraigned. He was arrested in 2007 for attempting to acquire a controlled substance through fraud.

As a Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer, we take great interest in news stories involving the broad range of circumstances surrounding this case. From ensuring the search warrant was proper to examining how the police “found” each item, we would thoroughly investigate the legitimacy of the gathered evidence. Whatever the outcome, our job would be to come as close to a satisfactory conclusion for the suspect as possible, including, if possible, dismissal of the case and no jail time.

We follow these cases because we want to be informed of the latest matters that can influence present or future cases that come across our desk. So, should you or someone you know find themselves accused of possession or intent to distribute, you will know that Jeffrey Garland is the Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer that you can depend on.