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Human Trafficking in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce Human Trafficking AttorneyHuman trafficking that involves both sex and drugs is a growing problem in many American communities. The recent arrest of two men in Fort Pierce brings the issue home to the Treasure Coast. According to the local police, a prostitution ring has been operating on the streets of Sunrise City and preying on women under the age of 35. The perpetrators have allegedly sold heroin and other drugs to young prostitutes so that they would become addicted and ask for more. Once the girls had taken more than they could afford and were indebted to the traffickers, they essentially became sex slaves. Investigators believe that the ringleaders fed the girls and provided them with free condoms but required them to pay for their own hotel rooms. Meanwhile the young women have been spending every penny on their expanding drug habits.

A warrant from another state was already out for the arrest of one of the two men. The charges in that case involved human trafficking as well. At this point, 19 women have also been arrested for involvement in prostitution and drug possession. Each of these individuals will need counsel from a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer. With a proper defense, the accused will have a chance to prove their innocence and redeem their reputations. A skilled representative will examine the evidence and challenge assumptions that have been made by law enforcement officials and prosecutors. Defense attorney Jeffrey Garland uses his background in scientific analysis, along with the input of various experts, to counter any false accusations against his clients.

If you or someone you know is in a legal situation that involves drugs and sex trafficking, then contact the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772-489-2200. This reputable Fort Pierce criminal lawyer has the training and experience to dispute the charges against you and preserve your rights under the law.