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6 Animals Rescued, 4 People Arrested in Indian River County Drug Bust

Indian River drug arrest

Authorities performed a controlled drug buy in Indian River County. The sting operation resulted in the arrest of three people on drug charges. In addition, one person faces charges of animal neglect and cruelty. When a person faces charges in Indian River County, they have the right to representation from an Indian River criminal lawyer.

Deputies say that they made an attempt to purchase cocaine twice in one day. The day after, they sought and secured a search warrant for the property. An Indian River drug arrest lawyer can help the defendants investigate the search warrant in order to ensure that it complies with state and federal search and seizure laws.

Authorities allege that during the search of the home, they located a purse. They say that the purse had crack cocaine inside. Authorities say that a woman admitted to possessing the drugs and the woman tried to resist arrest. In addition to facing charges of drug possession, the woman faces charges of resisting a law enforcement officer. Police found additional drugs when searching the home including in a nightstand. They say that various individuals admitted to possessing and smoking the drugs.

The animal charges stem from six dogs that animal control removed from the home. Animal control says that the dogs suffered from apparent neglect and unhealthy confinement including rotten kennels. They say that the kennels were not sufficiently cleaned and food and water was lacking for the animals. They also said the animals needed grooming for overgrown nails.

When an individual makes a statement to the police, their statement may be admissible against them in court. The police do not have to read Miranda warnings to make a statement admissible unless a person is in custody. Even if the individual chooses not to testify on their own behalf, what they say to the police during an investigation can be the basis of an admission of a party during a criminal trial.

An individual who faces drug charges may have the assistance of an Indian River criminal lawyer. The lawyer may help the individual examine the search warrant used in the case. They can also look into procedures used to store the drugs for evidence and weigh them. An Indian River drug arrest lawyer can examine all aspects of the case for potential responses and defenses to the charges.

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