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Three Arrested on Drug Related Charges in Vero Beach

Vero Beach Criminal AttorneyA recent triple arrest in Vero Beach proved just how much the drug game is still alive in the U.S. The authorities served up three arrest warrants in the area, and the people who were arrested are surely going to need help from a Vero Beach criminal attorney to assist in their defense. Cocaine is the name of the drug, and trafficking is the name of the most prevalent offense. Not much information is available on the length of the investigation or who tipped off the authorities, but this triple arrest occurred nevertheless.

Three Assailants With Some Serious Baggage

The authorities served the warrants on two different days. Thursday morning’s search was one that uncovered almost $12,000 in money from drug sales, 71.5 grams of cocaine and 1,123 grams of a substance that was unidentified at the time. Lab experts later discovered the unidentified substance was a synthetic product that people combine with cocaine to enhance the effect.  The police conducted the search on 36th Avenue.

The police arrested two of the assailants at that time. They charged one man with drug trafficking and possession. He has current immigration issues and is in jail on a detainer. The other man had a warrant for operating a vehicle on a suspended license, and her charge is a felony.

The second warrant-serving day was Friday. Police went to the home of GW and uncovered 16.8 grams of marijuana, 104.5 grams of cocaine and more than $1,700 in cash from drug sales. Police charged him with trafficking, possession and sales.

All three assailants are looking at some serious time. A simple drug possession charge can land a person in jail for five years. A drug trafficking charge can land someone in jail for up to 30 years. The assailants will need an experienced and aggressive Vero Beach criminal attorney to handle this situation. No other attorney will do.

Vero Beach Criminal Attorney Jeffrey Garland Can Help

Jeffrey Garland is an experienced and successful attorney who can help to set an accused person free. If you or some people that you know are facing a similar fate as the people in this story, then you can call the office for a free consultation. The attorney wants to help you to rise above this predicament. The number to call for help is 772-489-2200.