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Help from a Fort Pierce Violation of Probation Lawyer Ajay Temple (not his real name) was on 10 years sex offender probation in St. Lucie County.  With just a few months to go the Probation Officer told Ajay he owed an extra $19,570.15.  He offered to let Ajay make monthly payments of $2,817.18 per month....
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Not What It Seems: All Charges Dropped Donald Wing and his wife Alana (not their real names) were charged in Martin County with Second Degree Arson and Burning to Defraud Insurer.  The investigator for the Florida Division of Financial Services (DFS) claimed that Donald and Alana burned their 2017 Infiniti QX70 on 3/24/19. The DFS...
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Help from a Okeechobee Felony Battery Attorney Michael Trask (not his real name) was arrested in Okeechobee County on 2/18/2019 for felony battery.  Michael promptly retained Jeffrey H. Garland to handle the matter. For reasons that were never clear, the State initially reduced the charge to misdemeanor battery.  Latter on, the State would upfile the...
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Hiring a Qualified Saint Lucie Drug Conspiracy Lawyer Hector Suarez (not his real name) was arrested for a cocaine conspiracy by DEA on July 30, 2019, in St. Lucie County.  Hector’s family retained Saint Lucie criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland just after the arrest. Attorney Garland recognized that “cooperation” in the case would be...
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