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Not Guilty Verdict Following a Port St. Lucie Vehicular Homicide Arrest In some cases, someone who is involved in a fatal car accident in Florida might be charged with vehicular homicide. This is a serious felony offense that can result in a lengthy prison sentence and a substantial fine. Port St. Lucie vehicular homicide attorney...
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Indian River First Degree Murder Attorney Pleas Murder Case Out To 15 Years John Edwardson (not his real name) was charged with 1st Degree Murder.  The incident occurred in Indian River County on or about November 10, 2011. Edwardson went to jury trial in April, 2014 and was found guilty of 1st degree murder with...
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Recent Case From Second Degree Felony Murder Lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland In Florida, you can be charged with felony murder when someone dies while you are committing certain types of offenses even when the death was unintentional. Felony murder carries the same potential penalties as first-degree murder. People who are convicted of felony murder can...
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Help from a Fort Pierce Violation of Probation Lawyer Ajay Temple (not his real name) was on 10 years sex offender probation in St. Lucie County.  With just a few months to go the Probation Officer told Ajay he owed an extra $19,570.15.  He offered to let Ajay make monthly payments of $2,817.18 per month....
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