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Five Arrested on Fentanyl Drug Charges Thursday in Martin County

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On Thursday, February 27, 2020, five men were arrested in the Stuart area of Florida on criminal drug charges related to fentanyl. The arrests came out after there was an investigation performed following the overdose death of two people in the home in Stuart on January 1, 2020. According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office’s spokeswoman, the victims had taken fentanyl laced with heroin.

The detectives involved in the investigation relied on informants. This directly led them to the heroin in question and the men at the home where the deaths had occurred. Investigators working undercover posed as buyers and managed to get hold of the heroin laced with fentanyl, which ultimately led to the arrest of the five men who were connected to the overdoses. However, no one was arrested as a result of the deaths themselves.

One man, aged 37 and from the Palm Beach County area, was arrested on charges of both possession of fentanyl and selling fentanyl while armed.

According to the detective team, on the night of Thursday, February 27 at around 8:30, they had an informant purchase $240 worth of fentanyl from the man near a supermarket in the Stuart area. Following the sale of the drug, it was determined that the man possessed a loaded firearm at his waist.

Around half an hour later at 9 PM, the detectives used an informant to meet a second man, 27 years old and from Mexico, to also buy $240 worth of fentanyl in the same location.

By 9:30 that night, the detectives arrested a third man, 38 years old and also from Stuart. He was charged with possession of cocaine and fentanyl within 1,000 feet of a park and of selling cocaine and fentanyl within 1,000 feet of a park.

The detectives stated that back on February 3, the man sold cocaine to an informant and then 10 days later sold fentanyl to one as well. Both times, the sale took place in Palm Lake Park, located in Jensen Beach.

Two more men, 57 and 43 years old, were arrested on similar charges after selling the drugs to informants. The latter also faced charges of illegal use of a two-way communication.

The five men were arrested and held in the Martin County Jail. One was held without bond while the others had varying bonds.

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