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Indian River Man Arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine

Indian River Methamphetamine Arrest LawyerWhen on routine patrol at about 2:00 a.m., an Indian River County sheriff’s deputy discovered a pickup truck parked in a dark parking lot outside of a business named Estate Treasures in Vero Beach. The business had been closed for the day for several hours. The deputy spoke with the driver who said he was at that location to meet a man named “Bert” to find locations to pick palmetto berries. The man had no last name, address or phone number for “Bert.” He reportedly said that “Bert” lived in a nearby woods.

A woman who was with the driver of the pickup truck confirmed that they were to meet “Bert,” but she gave a different location than Estate Treasures. When looking inside of the bed of the truck, the officer saw a “push rod and tube of a syringe” along with torn cotton swabs. All of those are commonly used by intravenous drug users. A further search revealed a plastic bag with 0.6 grams of a substance inside of a carton of cigarettes that was later identified as methamphetamine. The man denied knowing that the items were in his vehicle and said that they belonged to his passenger. After attempting to escape, the man was quickly subdued. He was charged with possession of methamphetamine, resisting arrest and driving on a revoked license. His bail was set at $8,000. The female was released at the scene.

In Florida, possession of methamphetamine is a third degree felony. It’s punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine not to exceed $5,000. Jeffrey H. Garland is a Indian River County criminal defense attorney who is board certified in criminal defense. He has worked in the criminal courts since 1981, and he’s highly respected as a professional by both prosecutors and criminal court judges.

Indian River Methamphetamine Arrest Lawyer

There are alternatives to being sent to prison. If you are guilty of possession of methamphetamines, and you’re a suitable candidate for probation, you’ll want to give that alternative due consideration. Jeffrey Garland has a long history of achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. Contact him right away after any arrest. He will evaluate all of the facts in your case, answer your questions and with his extensive experience, you’ll be advised of your complete range of legal options. Never give the police a statement or confession. Contact Jeffrey Garland first at 772-489-2200.