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Robbery Cases

Plumbing Break-In Leads to Suspected Copper Thief
  • Published: January 25, 2019

Police booked a man into the Indian River County Jail on suspicion of theft. Police say that the man tried to break into a plumbing business before taking copper tubing from nearby service trucks. The man waits in jail until he can post a bond for several charges including burglary and theft. The man has the right to the help of an Indian River grand theft attorney to defend against the charges. Law enforcement believed the man was from the local area because he arrived at the scene on a bicycle. Police used images of the man to canvass the neighborhood and trace him to a local hotel. Law enforcement says that the man has a prior criminal history. In Florida, burglary is a violation of Florida law 810.02. Under the law, burglary is entering any dwelling or structure in order…Read More

Jewelry Store Robbery in Martin County
  • Published: January 3, 2019

It appears as if a jewelry store owner in Jensen Beach who was the victim of a robbery won’t be charged after shooting a teen after a robbery. The matter has been referred to prosecutors, but at this point in time, police have no intention of making an arrest. The owner of the jewelry store is a retired New York City detective. Justifiable Force A spokesman for Jensen Beach Police characterized the shooting as justified and within the scope of “using justifiable force during the commission of a forcible felony.” The store’s owner fired into the rear window of a getaway car, hitting a teen passenger in the back of the head. Possible Felony Murder Charge The teen reportedly tried a few pieces of jewelry on and ran to a waiting car when still wearing the jewelry. An employee tried…Read More

Palmetto Man Charged in Fort Pierce Gas station Burglary
  • Published: March 14, 2018

Recently, a 41-year-old man from southwest Florida was arrested in connection to a Fort Pierce gas station burglary which occurred on February 25, 2018. The suspect who lives in Palmetto, was charged with non-residential burglary and grand theft. The suspect was recognized by a Fort Pierce police detective who reviewed the surveillance video taken by the gas station’s security cameras. According to the arrest affidavit, the police recognized the suspect because he was arrested in relation to a second gas station burglary that occurred on the 25th of February. According to the police, the suspect used a brick to break out a window and then climb into the building. The building is located on the 2800 block of U.S. Highway 1. According to police, the suspect placed over eight cartons of cigarettes and a plastic bag case into a box…Read More

  • Published: April 25, 2017

Police arrested a man who allegedly tried to rob the LSO Jewelers in Port St. Lucie. Police say he did not act alone, but accomplices are still on the loose. The man was wearing just his boxer shorts when he was arrested. A judge has set bail for the man at $850,000. Records show that the man has a long criminal history dating back to his teenage years. There’s no word if the man has hired an armed robbery criminal lawyer. Details of the crime Newly released details of the crime reveal that the men allegedly dressed as women to carry out the crime. They allegedly locked the door behind them on their way into the store. Once inside, they held terrified employees at gunpoint. An off-duty officer saw the crime in progress and reported it to the police. Police…Read More

  • Published: March 10, 2016

On the morning of February 26, a 22-year-old Port St. Lucie man was arrested by city police on prowling and loitering charges. The arrest subsequently led to him also being served warrants on three alleged crimes from 2015. Charles Reginal “CJ” Gibson was reportedly seen looking into cars in a restaurant parking lot in the 1700 block of Northwest St. Lucie West Boulevard. The man who allegedly witnessed this called police while a friend kept watch of Gibson. Gibson was charged with prowling and loitering and taken to St. Lucie County Jail, where he was soon charged in connection with three crimes. The first involves a September 2, 2015 incident in which he’s accused of committing sexual battery on an individual age 12 or more. The second warrant dealt with a November 16 incident in which he allegedly putting two…Read More