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Florida Mom Found with Block of Cocaine

Port Saint Lucie Drug LawyerA woman is under arrest in Port St. Lucie after law enforcement said that they found her with drugs in her vehicle. They say the woman also had children in the car. The Florida Highway Patrol conducted the investigation and made the arrest.

They say they found an entire block of cocaine in the woman’s possession in the vehicle. They said that the woman had more than twelve baggies of marijuana in her possession. The children in the vehicle were allegedly her own children. The children were four years old and eleven months old at the time.

The investigation began when law enforcement saw the woman driving with a tinted window. They say that they smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Law enforcement officials asked if they could search the vehicle. The woman’s husband gave them permission to perform the search.

When they asked who packed the vehicle, the woman said that she and one of her friends packed the vehicle together. Law enforcement had the children get out of the car before they started doing the search. A Port Saint Lucie Drug Arrest Lawyer can help the accused woman review the validity of the search that law enforcement performed in the case.

Law enforcement found the block of cocaine in the trunk. It was hidden in a Walmart bag. To prove their case, law enforcement will need to test the drugs to see if they are cocaine. If they don’t perform the proper tests, an experienced Port Saint Lucie criminal lawyer may challenge the admissibility of the evidence.

A suitcase contained the bags of marijuana. Law enforcement said they also found marijuana hash. They say there was even paraphernalia in the center console of the vehicle. The woman denied knowledge of the illegal drugs in her vehicle.

Because of the large amounts of drugs, law enforcement is making the case that the woman planned to sell the drugs. She faces charges of trafficking drugs as well as possession of the drugs. All of the offenses are serious, and the woman has the right to help from a Port Saint Lucie Drug Arrest Lawyer. She can work with her drug arrest criminal attorney to review the case and determine a plan of action for defense against the charges. If law enforcement did not have the right to search the vehicle, the court may throw out the evidence against the woman. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772.489.2200.