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Stolen IPad Leads To Marijuana Grow House In St. Lucie

Officers in Port St. Lucie have stated that a stolen iPad led them to a marijuana grow house. The officers stated that they started the investigation in January after an iPad was stolen from Wal-Mart. They found out that the stolen iPad was activated by a man named Robinson Taverez.

Timothy Bordt, who is a detective, discovered the iPad By using an IP address that belonged to a neighbor of Tavarez. The neighbor told Bordt that she had given Taverez the password to her Wi-Fi. A search warrant for Taverez’s home was then secured.

After the police officers entered the home, they saw a woman named Ingrid Hernandez. They also found that there was a strong marijuana smell coming from the garage. They discovered that there was a marijuana grow operation. The officers also found 21 pounds of marijuana.

Tavarez was not at home during the time the officers searched the house. There has been a warrant issued from his arrest. Ingrid Hernandez was arrested and taken to jail. The police officers also confiscated the stolen iPad. People who have any information about the whereabouts of Robinson Taverez are strongly encouraged to contact the police.

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