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Man Faces Multiple Felony Drug Charges After Vero Beach Arrest

Indian River Drug Arrest LawyerA 32-year-old man has been charged with at least five felony drug charges after an encounter with Vero Beach Police earlier this week. A police department spokesman reports that a K9 officer and a bicycle officer were on patrol near 1900 9th Avenue around 9:00 p.m. when they came upon the man. A search of the man revealed that he was in possession large quantities of oxycodone and morphine along with cocaine, MDMA and marijuana. He has been charged with felony trafficking of a controlled substance, felony possession of cocaine with the intent to sell, felony possession of MDMA (ecstasy), felony possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell and misdemeanor possession of marijuana weighing less than 20 grams.

The man had been released on bond on an earlier battery charge. That bond was revoked, and he’s presently being held without bond at the Indian River County Jail. He’ll be in dire need of an Indian River criminal defense lawyer.

Curiously, no reason was given by the police spokesman as to the man’s detention and the police search of him. In order to support a street frisk of a subject without probable cause to make an arrest, a police officer must have a reasonable suspicion that the person about to be frisked has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime. For the police officer’s protection, he or she is allowed to briefly search the person’s outer clothing. A hunch isn’t good enough. The officer must be able to present specific articulable facts as to the reason for such a search.

Jeffrey H. Garland is an Indian River drug arrest lawyer with vast experience in search and seizure issues involving drug cases. He’s a Florida Supreme Court board certified criminal trial lawyer, and through years of dedicated work, he has earned the respect of both prosecutors and judges. If you or somebody close to you has been charged with a drug case, don’t give police any type of a statement or confession. Invoke your right to an attorney and contact experienced Indian River County criminal lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland at 772-489-2200. He’ll listen to your side of the story, and answer your questions. Then, he’ll advise you on how your situation might be best approached. Contact him right away after any drug arrest.