Drug/ Possession/ Trafficking/ Grow House Cases

Drug charges may range from “simple possession”, to doctor shopping, drug trafficking and grow houses,

Jeffrey H. Garland is a Fort Pierce Drug Defense Lawyer with extensive experience handling drug cases at both the State and federal levels.

Under Florida law, possession may be actual, joint or constructive. A person is not guilty of possession just because he/she happens to be in a car or house where drugs are found. The State must show that the person charged knew that the drugs were present and had the ability to control them.

Commonly, the police will arrest all of the occupants of a car in which a drug might be found under the seat. If there is no other evidence of guilt, however, this would be insufficient evidence of guilt. Mere proximity to contraband does not establish either knowledge or the ability to control. The drug charge would be subject to dismissal upon a sworn “C-4” motion to dismiss.

The defense of drug and drug-related charges is a complicated business. The handling of such important matters should be entrusted only to those attorneys that have established a track record of experience in all aspects of defense, including challenges to search and seizure techniques, wire tap warrants, and the reliability of so called “confidential informants”. This website includes many examples of Mr. Garland’s successful use of defense techniques against drug charges. Please look under “Articles” and “Cases” for more information.