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Fort Pierce Drug Operation Compared to a Fast Food Drive-Through

Fort Pierce Drug Arrest AttorneyThe Fort Pierce, Florida area was recently the home of a huge drug operation where enough heroin to cause 6,000 overdoses was confiscated from the streets of St. Lucie County by police in one of the largest drug busts in memory.

In fact, the police deputies compared the operation to a fast food drive through with drugs being sold instead of burgers and fries. They reported that users would literally drive by the home to have heroin literally delivered directly to the window of their vehicles.

The sheriff stated that if anyone is a drug dealer, they are in the crosshairs of police and that they would be coming for them.

When detectives raided the home in Fort Pierce, they found over 600 grams of a deadly combination of heroin and Fentanyl inside. In addition to locating the drugs, the detectives also managed to arrest a high level drug supplier as well.

A lieutenant who works with the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office Special Investigations Unit, stated that what they were doing in the investigation has been successful.

The sheriff’s office worked diligently after a crackdown to get a firm hold on the heroin epidemic in the area. Since September 2016, the office continuously sent detectives to investigate each call regarding a drug overdose. Since then, they have been interviewing both users and their loved ones to gather information so that they can stop the epidemic in its tracks.

The sheriff reported that the people who were interviewed are basic everyday people with whom you would have contact on a daily basis.

These measures were responsible for deputies to arrive at the Fort Pierce home with a warrant and subsequently perform the search and drug bust. However, the huge volumes of drugs present were dangerous enough that the police needed to wear protective gear.

A neighbor who resides on the same street where the bust took place stated that he was surprised to learn the drug being distributed was heroin and that he didn’t expect anything that serious. He claimed he had suspicions about the house but was surprised about what was really occurring within it.

The value of the drugs came to over $300,000. Detectives reported that the Fentanyl that was found came from China and that the substance is being delivered through the mail after being ordered via the dark web.

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