Scientific Evidence

Scientific evidence has become critical to the proper handling of many criminal cases. Attorneys need to be able to deal with specialized issues which, depending on the type of case, may rang from DNA to computer software, and from accident reconstruction to blood testing. A person facing charges involving scientific evidence should make sure that the lawyer has the knowledge, skill and experience to handle such matters.

Mr. Garland has a passion for the science and an interest in resourcing experts in the disciplines necessary to present a defense. The key to many defending many prosecutions is to show that the police assumption about evidence is either unwarranted under current scientific understanding or to show that there has been a misapplication of proper scientific principles. In other case, the defense uses scientific evidence to rebut a prosecution claim.

Mr. Garland has a bachelor degree in chemistry from the University of Florida provides an educational background for the mathematics, statistics, physics and chemistry which underpin all scientific inquiry. Please see the  “case” and “article” portions of this website for specific examples.