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Vero Beach Man Booked for Fentanyl and Weapon Possession Charges

Vero Beach methamphetamine arrest

What started as a routine traffic stop escalated into an arrest in Vero Beach. Police charged a man with possession and sale of guns as well as drug offenses including possession of methamphetamine. The man has a criminal history including serving a prior prison sentence. In addition to the traffic stop, the police also used an undercover fentanyl purchase in a motel room to gather evidence for the Vero Beach methamphetamine arrest.

Legal issues in Vero Beach drugs charges

There may be several legal issues present in the man’s case. Any kind of charge involving drugs raises the question of verifying what the substance is. There are anecdotal stories about police making an arrest for drugs only to finding out that it is a legal substance like baby powder or baking soda. A person who is charged with a drug offense has a right to hold the police accountable for testing and verifying the substance involved.

Chain of custody questions

Another important issue in any kind of drug charge is called the chain of custody. The police need to handle any potential substance in a proper manner. The drugs need to be secured in evidence. Sloppy police work or officers who want to misappropriate drugs or funds can interfere with the evidence needed to sustain a legal charge. Anyone charged with a drug offense should investigate the chain of custody and whether the police follow their own protocol. A Vero Beach criminal lawyer can help you investigate the chain of custody questions that may exist in the case.

Search and seizure questions

A drug offense can also raise questions about search and seizure. The police have to prove that they have a lawful right to stop a vehicle. They must also have a warrant or an exception to the warrant requirement in order to conduct a lawful search. If you’re facing a drug charge, be sure to investigate the warrant used in the case to make sure that it complies with legal requirements.

Defending drug charges in Vero Beach

Successfully fighting a Vero Beach methamphetamine arrest requires working quickly to identify legal issues. With the help of your Vero Beach criminal lawyer, it may be important to motion the court before trial in order to suppress evidence challenging a traffic stop, warrant, chain of custody or another legal issue. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation, contact The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772.489.2200.