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Traffic Stop Leads to Indian River Guns and Drug Arrest

Indian River guns and drug arrest

Legal Help Following an Indian River Guns and Drug Arrest

A young man, 20 years old, was arrested by deputies in the Gifford, Florida area during a traffic stop. The arrest took place on Labor Day after the police uncovered cocaine, marijuana and alprazolam in addition to a loaded gun with three magazines of ammunition in his vehicle, according to records from the Sheriff’s office.

The man, who lives at the 4800 block of 30th Avenue, was charged on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 with various drug possession charges and for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit. Alprazolam is a drug that is normally used to treat anxiety.

According to a deputy in the arrest affidavit, he stopped the young man’s vehicle, a black 2018 Nissan when he saw it at around 12:40 AM. The arrest occurred in Gifford when the vehicle suddenly turned to travel north onto 30th Avenue from 45th Street. The deputy stated that he found out the young man was driving on a suspended driver’s license after he checked his information.

Additionally, the deputy reported that he and the police sergeant detected a strong smell of marijuana and suddenly spotted smoke emanating from the car.

According to the arrest report, the police also discovered a backpack in the backseat of the car that held three firearm magazines and 23 rounds of ammunition. The young man lied to the officers and claimed he did not have a gun in the car and that the bullets were only for target practice.

The deputy added that they found a loaded 0.40 caliber handgun that included an extended magazine that housed 22 rounds in a separate zippered compartment behind the passenger’s seat of the car. he said there were also 69 pills, 122 grams of marijuana and a baggie containing a white substance that proved to be cocaine through testing.

According to the deputy and the arrest affidavit, the young man claimed he legally owned the gun but didn’t have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

The police officers also located a scale and around $500 in cash in the driver’s door, according to the arrest report. The young man has been held in the Indian River County Jail on a bail of $20,500 after making his first appearance in court on September 8. He’s scheduled for an arraignment on October 29, according to records.

Indian River Guns and Drug Arrest Lawyer

If you have been arrested on drug and weapons charges, you should know the situation is very serious and requires the help of an experienced Indian River criminal lawyer. An Indian River guns and drug arrest warrants speaking with the best attorney around. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772.489.2200 immediately to discuss your Indian River guns and drug arrest case with a skilled Indian River criminal lawyer.