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Undercover Drug Purchase Results in Two Arrests in Port St. Lucie

Fort Pierce Criminal AttorneyThe Port St. Lucie Police Department started off the month of September with the arrest of two suspects charged with crimes related to trafficking in controlled substances.

According to local news reports, police officers went undercover to meet a man and a woman who were purportedly selling prescription medications such as Clonazepam and Dilaudid. The officers acted on tips provided by a confidential informant; they set up a meeting with the goal of making a controlled purchase and arresting the couple.

The arrest report indicates that the officers met the couple near a local supermarket and gave them $750 for 30 Dilaudid (hydromorphone hydrochloride) tablets. Once the couple was arrested, the undercover agents went through their vehicle and belongings, where they found more prescription medication, 20 grams of marijuana, and THC swabs.

One of the suspects was charged with possession and was able to post a surety bond later. The other suspect remained in custody with a list of felony charges including: trafficking, possession and using a smartphone to facilitate a crime. The suspect in custody stated that the drugs found in the woman’s purse were actually his.

Opinion from a Fort Pierce Criminal Attorney

Attorney Jeffrey Garland, a seasoned Fort Pierce criminal lawyer, is paying close attention to the drug interdiction operations of law enforcement agencies across the Treasure Coast.

In this particular report, it is interesting to note that the undercover agents relied on a confidential informant to make the arrest. This investigative fact could present an opportunity to introduce a constructive defense against the reliability of this informer.

The controlled purchase and the seizure of the controlled substances may raise red flags in court. The drug possession criminal lawyers at the Jeffrey Garland P.A. law firm would look at various angles to question the techniques used to make the arrest and confiscation. When police officers go undercover, they often take certain liberties that are against lawful procedure; they may get nervous and overzealous to make an arrest. In some extreme cases, undercover agents have been known to push reticent suspects into committing crime or even planting evidence.

Another aspect worth mentioning in this case is that prescriptions drugs were involved. What if one of the suspects actually has a medical condition that would merit a prescription to Dilaudid and Clonazepam? Any of these conjectures could be looked into so that defendants can obtain the most favorable outcome in this case.

If you or someone you know are facing criminal drug charges in the Treasure Coast, contact the the Jeffrey Garland P.A. law firm at (772)489-2200.