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St. Lucie County Deputies Arrest Drug Dealer Selling Fentanyl

Vero Beach Fentanyl Arrest

Help from a Vero Beach Fentanyl Arrest Lawyer

Yet another Vero Beach fentanyl arrest, this one taking place in the Fort Pierce area. The 33-year-old man was arrested on September 25, 2020 after being pulled over on a traffic violation. When police searched his car, they found a rash of illegal drugs and a handgun. The man had 54 grams of bath salts, 122 grams of Molly, and 14 grams of fentanyl along with the handgun. This man is one of hundreds who will be arrested for drug trafficking in Florida this year alone.

Judges are not lenient on drug crimes in this state. Known for handing down some of the harshest sentences in the U.S., Florida may very well sentence this man to life in prison for the crimes. In the U.S., a life sentence is a minimum 15-years. Yes, this man may spend more time behind bars than murderers. He certainly needs a reliable Vero Beach criminal lawyer before his day in court.

Fentanyl is an illegal drug with a high risk for addiction and dependence. It is often deadly when taken in high doses since it causes respiratory distress. Thousands of people die from an overdose of fentanyl every year. Many crackdowns on this drug take place in Florida and other states across the country every year. The drug is popular on the street because it is easy for a dealer to produce and has a high profit margin.

Life-Altering Consequences for Drug Crime Convictions

When it comes to drug crimes, Florida is one of the harshest states in the U.S. when punishing guilty individuals. The life-altering sentences that come with drug convictions in the state could very well land this man in prison for the remainder of his life. Some murderers do not spend their entire lives in jail!

Lawyers defend clients charged with fentanyl possession in Florida. There are many possible defenses to the crime, which the lawyer will determine once he evaluates the specific details of your case. Without a lawyer, a Vero Beach fentanyl arrest or drug crime conviction in the state can have life-altering consequences. This is especially true when fentanyl is the drug since judges often hand down harsher sentences.

How Lawyers Help People Charged With Drug Crimes

Lawyers attempt to get the charges tossed out of court. If this is not a realistic possibility, the lawyer will plan a defense strategy. Lawyers work for their client’s best interests and ensure a better outcome when the case is done. With an experienced lawyer working the case, there is less risk you will get convicted and a lighter sentence if you are convicted. Additionally, confidence and peace of mind come when a Vero Beach criminal lawyer stands beside you in a court of law.