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White Collar Fraud/Theft

Theft can include simple shoplifting all the way up to more sophisticated thefts such as misuse of personal identification. Included in this topic is credit card and debit card theft.

Businesses are often accused of crimes, especially “theft”, for activities that can be readily explained; or because of accusations by unhappy customers or scheming competitors. Mr. Garland has successfully defended numerous businesses accused of misdeeds such as failing to pay taxes, failing to pay worker compensation premiums, and failing to return deposits.

Other professionals can be accused of misconduct when a deal “blows up”. Mr. Garland has defended all aspects of construction fraud, from accusations of false draw requests to mortgage fraud. For most businesses and professionals, early and proactive assistance is the key to avoiding a prosecution.

Other people are accused of elder fraud in a variety of ways. The motivation could be as simple as jealousy that one heir received more; or concern that a health care provider received benefits from an elderly person. These cases are best defended by early intervention.