Death Penalty Reversed

On November 8, 2018, the Florida Supreme Court issued a 15-page opinion reversing the death penalty imposed upon Eriese Alphonso Tisdale. Attorney Jeffrey H. Garland represented Mr. Tisdle on this appeal. Mr. Garland anticipates filing a petition before the United States Supreme Court seeking certiorari review. Mr. Garland will argue that any resentencing proceeding would.. read more →

Double Jeopardy Precludes Retrial After Reversal on Appeal

Cicily Jones (not her real name) hired Jeffrey Garland on 2/26/15 to appeal her conviction for resisting without violence. The trial took place before Judge Yacucci in St. Lucie County. Attorney Garland argued on appeal that the evidence was insufficient to prove the “lawful execution of legal duty”, which is an element of the charge… read more →

St Luice Criminal Appeals Lawyer

In the case below, St Luice Criminal Appeals Lawyer Jeffrey Garland was able to reverse and remand a new trial for his client Edwin Jose Garrido. Attorney Garland was able to get a new trial for his client due to ineffective assistance of counsel by failing to investigate defenses as to the amended dates and failing to.. read more →

Fort Pierce Appeals Lawyer

Recently Attorney Garland was published in the Southern Reporter regarding one of his appeals. To view the article Click Here. read more →

Against the Meat Grinder

PROLOGUE Every man has a line, a point which, once passed, there must be a reckoning. For some, being pushed across this line is an invitation to fight or to get even. For others, there is a sense of helpless passivity. For Brian O’Hara, when pushed across this line, there was an intense desire to.. read more →

Fourth District Reverses Summary Denial Of Post-conviction Relief Motion

Jason Reaves was sentenced to 40 years in prison for charges relating to a home invasion robbery. Kirschner & Garland, P.A. was retained to investigate the circumstances of the prosecution and, as deemed appropriate, file a motion for post-conviction relief (PCR). read more →