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Drug Confiscation Lands Four in Jail

Fort Pierce Drug Arrest Defense AttorneyThursday found four people behind bars following a police search on a Port St. Lucie home. The arrest occurred after police went to a home on Southeast Academy Lane with an arrest affidavit. When police knocked on the door, there was no response, so they entered the home with force. After searching through the resident’s home and vehicles, police recovered more than 160 grams of marijuana, 13 acetaminophone/oxycodone pills, and 82 alprazolam pills.

There were four young adults living within the home who were arrested following the drug confiscation. Three of the four arrested have since been released on bond, while one continues to be held in the county jail without bond. According to reports, their combined bond totaled over $18,000.

At the law offices of Fort Pierce criminal lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland, stories like this one are not unique. Each day, our offices reach out to help those who have found themselves caught in the hold of addiction and up against serious criminal charges.

Depending on the severity of the crime, those with drug charges may find themselves facing something simple such as possession or more serious like drug trafficking. Regardless of the offense, anyone facing charges needs to contact a drug possession criminal lawyer to help them understand their rights and options.

Using drugs is never the answer; however, we understand that addiction is a deadly disease that needs treatment, not jail time. Our Fort Pierce criminal lawyer has years experience reaching out to provide legal services to those who are facing drug and other criminal charges. We understand that, under Florida law, simply being in a house or car where drugs have been found does not mean that you are automatically guilty of possession. Instead, it is the job of the prosecution to prove that you knew the drugs were present and able to control their existence.

A good drug possession criminal lawyer understands search and seizure techniques, wire tap warrants, “confidential informants”, and the laws set out to protect your rights. When you choose to contact Mr. Garland, he will use all of his abilities to help fight for your rights and get you free of your legal mess.

Right now, the four individuals listed in the Port St. Lucie arrest are working to fight their charges and get the best results possible. If you find yourself in a similar legal situation, contact our firm and let us help you.