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Drug Related Charges Increasing In Fort Pierce

The number of cases involving a drug called flakka is on the rise in Fort Pierce. On Thursday, June 18, 2015, police found three men at Chevron gas station in Fort Pierce. Investigators found that the men had flakka, guns and a ski mask. On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, investigators issued a warrant after a man died after taking flakka.

Forty-two year-old Jermaine Benjamin exhibited erratic behavior after using flakka. He then lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. He died just one hour later after he was taken to the hospital. Investigators have stated that flakka first showed up on the treasure coast back in January 2015. They have stated that many people have been arrested since then.

Flakka was first discovered in Broward County. Now, there are northern counties that have access to the drug. The drug resembles a cross between crack and crystal meth. It has a very strong odor. Many people say that it smells like a sweaty sock. This drug can result in psychosis.

Rob Petit is a special investigator. He has stated that while flakka use is increasing in Treasure Coast, it is not increasing at the rate that he initially expected. Petit has stated that warning people about how awful this drug can potentially be will help stop the spread of it.

Lawmakers have really cracked down on people who use drugs. That is why people who are caught with drugs may face jail time. People who sell drugs can face a long jail sentence. If you are facing drug charges, then it will definitely be in your best interest to contact a Fort Pierce drug defense lawyer.

Jeffrey H. Garland has had many years of experience in helping people who have a drug case. Regardless of whether you are facing simple possession or a more serious charge, Jeffrey can give you the legal advice and assistance you need. The outcome of your case will probably be a lot better with a Saint Lucie drug defense lawyer.

Drug laws are a lot more complicated than many people realize. Jeffrey will try to make it easier for you to understand the drug laws and how they will affect your case.