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Four Arrested in Port St. Lucie Drug Bust

Fort Pierce Criminal Defense AttorneyOn Wednesday, September 28, 2016, police in Port St. Lucie arrested four people on drug charges. The police acquired drugs, two guns and cash following a raid on a home on Southeast Evergreen Terrace, according to the report.

The four individuals who were arrested ranged in ages from 23 to as young as only 14 years old. Two men, a woman and the 14-year-old, a young boy, were arrested after the police entered and searched a home in the 500 block of Southeast Evergreen Terrace. There had been an ongoing investigation that started back in July.

One of the men and the woman faced the largest number of charges as the ringleaders. Those charges included eight felonies. Meanwhile, the teenage boy was arrested and charged with a single misdemeanor of possession of marijuana.

In addition to the marijuana that was found, the police also seized MDMA, methamphetamine, flakka, alprazolam pills, two handguns that were loaded and $3,829 in cash.

The three older suspects were immediately taken to the St. Lucie County Jail. The teenage boy, however, was taken to the juvenile detention centered located in the Fort Pierce area.

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