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Detectives Arrest 43 in Steak ‘n Shake Drug Bust

Saint Lucie Drug Arrest AttorneyOver three dozen people in the St. Lucie County, Florida area were recently arrested for dealing drugs in a ring known as “Operation Big Mi-Steak.”

The St. Lucie sheriff stated that the bust came after long and arduous work that began several years ago after abuse of OxyContin became a huge problem in the city. He said he knew there would be collateral damage, which came in the form of heroin and opioid addiction. In 2016, the sheriff had one or two detectives assigned to respond to each overdose case. However, their mission was not to arrest the users but to acquire any information they could on the dealers. It eventually paid off.

Along with help from the FBI, DEA and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, police arrested 43 people who were dealing drugs in St. Lucie County. Drugs they dealt included cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and carfentanyl.

One of the detectives assigned to the case cited the extreme dangers of fentanyl, pointing out that it is 50 times more potent than heroin. He added that the carfentanyl is a whopping 80 times more potent than the more commonly used drug.

The name for the drug bust, “Operation Big Mi-Steak,” came from their main target, who was selling drugs at a Steak ‘n Shake restaurant in the Fort Pierce area for several months. The woman was employed at the fast food joint.

One of the local news channels talked with a customer outside the restaurant after the bust. The woman is the mother of twin boys and resides in Fort Pierce. She expressed shock that drugs were being sold right from the Steak ‘n Shake, where she takes her kids on occasion. She called it disrespectful to commit such crimes where families go to enjoy a meal.

Out of the 43 people arrested, police claimed 15 of them to be legitimate drug dealers. The rest are casual dealers or people who both use and deal.

Following the arrests, there were fewer heroin overdoses.

Saint Lucie Drug Arrest Attorney Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A.

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