11 Sep 2012

Vet Gets Credit for Service

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After many years of honorable service to the United States Navy, ACD (not his real initials) retired to pursue other interests. Upon retirement, ACD sustained serious injuries in a skiing accident. Over the years, they became progressively worse. But for his strong will, the combination of debilitating injuries and medication would have rendered ACD a paraplegic, perhaps worse.

ACD was charged by the Fort Pierce Police Department with possession of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance without a valid prescription. He promptly retained Jeffrey H. Garland to represent him in this matter. Although disputed, a trial would have been difficult in light of ACD’s physical condition and family obligations.

ACD pled no contest to possession of a controlled substance without a valid prescription. The State agreed to a withhold of adjudication, $500 fine, court costs, and probation which was to end automatically upon full payment. The withhold of adjudication meant that ACD would not be a “convicted felon”. He has not lost his right to keep and bear fire arms. Since he is not on probation, ACD is free to travel between a midwestern state and Florida to deal with family matters. He paid the $500 fine and court costs the same day he was sentenced. The case was closed. His distinguished military career was a major factor in helping to promptly and successfully resolve this case.