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Young Woman in Jail After Friend OD’s

Port Saint Lucie Drug Defense AttorneyA 23-year-old woman found herself in jail last week after the man she was living with died following what appears to be a drug overdose. While no foul play is suspected, the woman was found to possess heroin and may now be facing charges.

According to the police, they went to a Port St. Lucie home after they were made aware of an unresponsive man who wasn’t breathing. The young woman was living there at the time and led police to the bedroom where her 27-year-old friend was pronounced dead. Near the dead body, officials found a bag containing a needle filled with what was assumed to be heroin, a folded bill covered in a drug-substance, and several pills in a bottle.

While the young woman at first denied that her friend had used any drugs prior to his death, she later changed her story and admitted that he had used heroin after watching her use it herself. After he snorted some of the heroin, he died.

The young woman claims that the two friends met in a rehab facility and had lived together following their release.

While police are still waiting on the autopsy results, they are assuming that an overdose is to blame for the young man’s death. Since he had asked to use the substance himself, they are not suspecting his roommate to have done anything to intentionally harm him.

To best represent herself in court and fight the heroin possession charges, this young woman will need to find a good Port St. Lucie criminal lawyer.

Here at the law offices of drug possession criminal lawyer Jeffery H. Garland, stories like these are far too frequent. While we understand that drug use is wrong, we also know that it addiction is a serious disease that should be fought with treatment rather than jail time or penalties. We work with each client to help them get through their charges and receive the least amount of punishment possible so that they can truly start the process of healing.

Port Saint Lucie Drug Defense Attorney

Does this tragic story about heroin possession and overdose mirror your own? If you or someone you know has been in a similar legal situation, it’s time to contact the law office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772-489-2200. Let our Port St. Lucie drug possession criminal lawyer help you get started down the road to freedom.