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2500 Rhode Island Ave, Suite B, Fort Pierce, FL 34947
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Fort Pierce Man Drives Himself to Hospital With Knife in His Back

Saint Lucie Aggravated Battery AttorneyLoud shouting disrupted the stillness on the 4400 block of Evergreen Avenue as tragedy and physical violence struck. A woman of 23 years of age, has been arrested and charged with aggravated battery. She’s from Fort Pierce, and she was arrested after stabbing a man in the back. The same man drove himself to the hospital with a knife lodged in the lower middle part of his back.

She is being held at St. Lucie County Jail on a $5,000 bond. According to the affidavit, the argument erupted over a Facebook post and missing medication. The man believed that the woman had hidden his medication, so he confronted her about it. When the man discovered his medication hidden inside the bedroom, the woman seized the opportunity and stabbed the man in the lower part of the back. Unfortunately, sometimes good people make bad choices, and they need a Saint Lucie criminal defense attorney to save them from dire consequences. Perhaps you have found yourself in a similar situation. The Law Office of Jeffrey Garland is there to help.

Luckily, the man in this story survived. He was treated and released with non-life threatening injuries based on a report from the sheriff. As police questioned the woman, they confirmed many of the details surrounding the argument. However, the police report fails to elaborate on whether or not the woman discussed the details of the stabbing. The man in this story did nothing wrong. He’s the victim of domestic violence, and unfortunately, it’s an all too common scenario where one person makes a severe blunder during an argument.

Sometimes, however, the charges were false, and that’s when you will wish you had a Saint Lucie aggravated battery attorney to back you up. In these cases, a Saint Lucie criminal lawyer who fights for you could mean the difference between years behind bars and a less severe penalty. These charges can damage an individual’s reputation, his liberty and financial standing. If you were wrongly accused, you could lose everything, and you shouldn’t just stand idly by and let it happen without doing something about it. The Law Office of Jeffrey Garland is there to give the best advice on how to proceed with such a case. You will also learn about the trial and pre-trial motions that must be filed to provide a resolution to the case. If you know someone in similar circumstances to the one above, don’t waste time. Call now!