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Fort Pierce Man Accused of Beating Man for Shoes

Fort Pierce Battery Lawyer

Help from a Fort Pierce Battery Lawyer

A Fort Pierce man faces charges after he allegedly beat another man over the head. The man approached the victim and asked him for his shoes. The victim ignored the request. That’s when the man began to beat the victim over the head. The man facing charges has the right to assistance from a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer.

When he began yelling for help, bystanders rushed to the victim’s aid. Emergency personnel transported the man to the hospital for treatment. The man received 40 staples. The victim is 34 years old. The attack occurred in an intersection at 8:30 in the evening.

When police arrived to investigate, the man admitted that he was the offender. He now faces charges of battery causing bodily harm and armed robbery. Both charges are felony offenses that carry a significant possible jail sentence. A Fort Pierce battery lawyer can help the man answer to the charges.

The man admitted that he was the attacker. The police can seek to admit the man’s statement if the case goes to trial as an admission of a party. However, a Fort Pierce battery lawyer may ask the court to refuse to admit the statement.

There are many possible defenses available to a charge of battery causing bodily injury. A Fort Pierce battery lawyer can help a defendant challenge the severity of the injury. Even if a battery occurred, there must be a bodily injury in order for felony charges to apply. In addition, defenses like self-defense or mistake of fact may all apply in a defense to charges of battery.

If you’re facing charges of battery or robbery, an experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer can help you explore defenses that might help you. You have a right to a trial. The state must prove all of the elements of each charge against you. An attorney for robbery charges in Fort Pierce can help you present defenses in an effective way.

Fort Pierce Battery Lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland

Although battery and robbery charges are serious offenses, you have the right to present an aggressive defense. You are innocent until proven guilty. However, you must act quickly to assert your rights and rights and fight for the justice that you deserve. Our Fort Pierce criminal battery lawyers can help. We represent clients who face criminal charges. Let our legal team fight for you. We believe that each client deserves an aggressive defense that protects their rights and the best result in the justice system.

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