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Victory in Storage Wars of a Sort

St. Lucie County Battery Defense LawyerPhillippe St. Jean (not his real name) exports stuff to Haiti using 40′ shipping containers. He rents a warehouse in St. Lucie County to store the containers for short periods of time until pickup by the shipping company.

St. Jean made the common mistake of trying to help out a friend in need. The friend had separated from her husband, then got evicted. The friend had four children. Her husband ran off to Alaska, perhaps to escape abuse by his wife. The friend asked to store her shipping containers at St. Jean’s warehouse.

St. Jean agreed, but the friend did not remove the shipping containers in the customary period of time. St. Jean lost business, and the friend offered no explanations (or payment).

Tempers flared. On August 27, 2017, the “friend” called 911 and reported that St. Jean had battered her. Deputies arrived and, in due course, drug St. Jean away in chains.  St. Jean would now need a qualified St. Lucie County criminal defense lawyer.

Attorney Garland was retained on 9/6/17. He interviewed a witness who saw the entire event. The eyewitness said the “friend” started pushing St. Jean, and that St. Jean never hit the “friend”. She said the “friend” was laughing when deputies arrested St. Jean.

Later on, the defense listed five more witnesses who were present during all or part of the incident. All of these witnesses confirmed that there was no battery.

Attorney Garland announced ready for trial at the first docket call on 10/9/17. The case was set for jury selection on 11/14/17. The State filed a nolle prosse on 11/13/17.

Betcha the husband stays in Alaska.

St. Lucie County Battery Defense Lawyer

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