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2500 Rhode Island Ave, Suite B, Fort Pierce, FL 34947
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Man Flashes Fake Badge, Demands Oral Sex

On February 3rd, a police officer was on a routine patrol in Fort Pierce, Florida, when he came across the Lucky 7 Food Mart. It was here that he saw a man aggressively poking a woman in the chest near the store front. When the officer confronted the man, Roger Wayne Runyon, 68, he claimed that the woman, Teresa Sessions, approached his car and asked him for money. According the Runyon, he then took his wallet out to oblige her, at which point she lunged into the car and grabbed $20 right from him. At that point, he got out of his car to confront Sessions and demand his money back.

Teresa Sessions gave a completely different account of the events, claiming that Runyon first gestured for her to come near his car, at which point he offered her the $20 in exchange for oral sex. She refused his offer, and as she went to leave, Runyon told her that he was a policeman, and that he would arrest her if she didn’t do what he asked. He even went as far as to show her a badge that he happened to be wearing on a lanyard around his neck.

Sessions’ story was confirmed by the presence of the badge around Runyon’s next, authorities discovered. Runyon claimed the badge was only his concealed weapons permit, and that he hadn’t used it to coerce sex. Runyon then refused to speak further, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights. He faces charges for soliciting prostitution, battery, and impersonating a police office.

Cases like this can be quite unclear, since they essentially boil down to one person’s word against another’s. Many times, arrests are made when no evidence is present at all. Jeffery Garland is a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer who specializes in cases that involve such situations. He will determine if the evidence warrants such a charge and present his findings in court. In some instances, cases can even be dismissed before trial due to lack of evidence.

The case of Mr. Runyon is a perfect example of a situation in which contacting an experienced Battery Criminal Attorney is a good idea. If you or anyone you know has been unlawfully charged with battery, domestic violence, or any other criminal charge, contact Jeffery Garland through his website here, other by calling 772-489-2200. You can find other helpful resources on his site, as well as his credentials and experience.