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Two Men Face Battery Charges in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce Battery Defense LawyerTwo men are facing battery charges after they allegedly attacked a man in Fort Pierce. Police say the men both attacked another man who ended up unconscious from the altercation. The man suffered serious injuries.

Police say that the men allegedly knocked the victim to the ground and then punched him. They say the men used a baseball bat to hit the victim’s head. They say that after the attack, the men hid in the bushes and went to buy beer.

The men did not face immediate arrest. Instead, the police used warrants to bring the men into custody. When the police believe that a crime has occurred, they’re able to take someone into custody immediately. However, the police can also wait for state officials to review the charges and authorize a warrant. After the police take someone into custody, it’s up to the judge to set an amount for bond. If the person charged can pay the amount of bond, they can await further proceedings free rather than in jail. There may be conditions to follow on their bond such as refraining from drug or alcohol use.

When you’re facing a battery charge, you have the constitutional right to an assistance of legal counsel. You can work with a Fort Pierce Battery Defense Lawyer to help you examine the charges and prepare any defenses that you might have. Your Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer may help you identify witnesses, gather their statements and look for viable defenses in your case. You have the right to an aggressive defense with the help of a Fort Pierce Battery Defense Lawyer.

There are a range of charges that a person might face that relate to battery. At the most basic level, a battery charge is a misdemeanor. If a victim suffers serious injuries, the charge may be more serious. If there’s a weapon involved like a baseball bat, there are more serious charges that may apply.

All assault and battery charges in Fort Pierce are serious. You face a loss of your liberty and significant fines. A long jail sentence is always a risk with assault and battery charges.

However, assault and battery charges in Fort Pierce can be false. In assault and battery cases, the case often comes down to one person’s word against another. That means that you might find yourself facing false charges. A battery lawyer in Fort Pierce can help you determine your options and sort it all out. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772.489.2200.