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Man Arrested for Throwing Plate of Hot Food in Woman’s Face

Fort Pierce Battery Defense AttorneyA 50-year-old woman from Fort Pierce was allegedly struck twice by hot plates of food on August 25 while sitting in her car on Avenue I. After the woman stated to police that she knew the alleged assailant and told them that he lives nearby, he was subsequently arrested on battery charges.

The Fort Pierce police arrest report indicates that the incidents took place in the 2700 block, where the woman indicated that she was listening to music at the time of the alleged attacks and awaiting the arrival of her boyfriend. Though she suffered no burn injuries from the hot food, the report noted that food covered much of her face.

In both instances, the man was apparently riding a bicycle when he rode by and was alleged to have thrown the food at the woman. With regard to the first instance, the arrest report indicated that the man headed south once the food had been thrown, then made his return approximately 10 minutes later.

Upon obtaining all of the information from the woman, Fort Pierce police conducted an immediate manhunt that soon captured the man with no apparent incident.

The severity of the charges that the man faces indicate that he’ll be needing the services of a Fort Pierce criminal defense attorney. While many battery cases can focus on the area of domestic violence, alleged incidents like the ones noted above can sometimes involve minor incidents in which the context of the situation is lost.

Jeffrey H. Garland is a Fort Pierce battery defense attorney with experience in this area. He knows that extenuating circumstances can sometimes be germane in helping to explain the specifics of such incidents. Chief among these are either mental health issues of the part of the accused or substance abuse that played a key role in any escalation of an incident.

Those factors can be vitally important if a conviction does occur, since the severity of this type of case might mean the difference between probation or treatment and time in prison. Having Jeffrey Garland by your side in these situations can make a huge difference.

So if you or someone you know needs a veteran Fort Pierce battery defense attorney that will passionately fight to protect the rights of his client, contact the law office of Jeffrey Garland today at 772-489-2200. The stakes are too high to choose someone with less experience.