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Battery Case Dropped

Fort Pierce Domestic Battery

Help from a Fort Pierce Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer

The world feels like its crashing down on you when you’re arrested for Fort Pierce domestic battery. All the more so when you’ve no criminal record.

So, it was when Victor Johns (not his real name) was arrested for battery on July 8, 2019 by the Port St. Lucie Police Department. Johns retained Criminal Defense Attorney Jeffrey Garland soon thereafter.

Neither Johns, nor his young wife had a criminal record. Further, there were no independent witnesses and no evidence of injury. Garland persuaded Johns to remain calm. There were two small children at home, ages 1 and 2, and every reason to get through this successfully.

As predicted, the young wife never wanted her husband arrested. Fort Pierce criminal attorney Jeffrey Garland immediately filed a motion seeking family reunification. You see, its standard practice in the 19th Circuit to order a person charged with domestic battery not to return home.

The young wife was determined to not be steamrolled by State prosecutors. She executed an affidavit declaring her desire for family reunification. She attributed her own statements to police to the use of alcohol.

At the hearings on the motion seeking family reunification, the young wife appeared and made a powerful presentation to Judge Nelson. The judge granted family reunification. The State dropped all charges later in the day on August 7, 2019.

Comment from a Fort Pierce Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer

The role of criminal defense attorney sometimes requires suggesting not to upset clients that restraint is in order. In this case, it is understandable that the combination of alcohol and the stress of two young children can lead to predictable results. Restraint and understanding were the client’s best course of action. All charges dropped!

If you are in a similar situation and need help from a qualified and experienced Fort Pierce battery defense attorney, contact Jeffrey Garland today at (772) 489-2200.