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Face Mask Dispute Leads to Arrest in Vero Beach

Vero Beach Battery Attorney

Not everyone is happy about the requirement to wear face masks when they enter a store. One man demonstrated his displeasure when he went to a Best Buy without a mask in Vero Beach one day. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office arrived and arrested the man for battery that day.

The man arrived at the store with a mask in his hands, but he didn’t put it on. Instead of entering the store, he asked to speak to the manager, but the manager asked him to leave because the man became belligerent.

After being asked to put his mask on, the man decided to throw a cup of water on the manager. When officers asked him about the water, he admitted that he threw it but that it was only a “very light throw.”

This incident is an example of battery. There doesn’t have to be any evidence that the victim was touched, and the victim doesn’t need any witnesses, but an arrest on this charge requires that the alleged aggressor spend the night in jail. If you were wrongfully accused of battery, your life just became extremely difficult, but we can help you extricate yourself from this predicament.

After spending a night in jail as an innocent person, the prosecution may have told you that you were being placed on probation. It’s also possible that you could be convicted of battery and be denied the ability to exercise your second amendment rights.

Some of these instances also result in domestic violence charges. One common form is when one person accuses the other of this crime during a custody case or a divorce. When this occurs, the court may order a domestic violence injunction against you. If this is the case, it is imperative that you hire a Vero Beach criminal lawyer. A domestic violence injunction can last for an extremely long time, and while you are subject to the injunction, you will lose your second amendment rights.

You may have been wrongfully accused, but a Vero Beach criminal lawyer will represent you with all of the skills and experience she has at her disposal. You are at risk of facing very serious repercussions if you fail to take this seriously and hire a Vero Beach battery attorney. Your Vero Beach battery attorney will be instrumental in returning your second amendment rights to you.

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