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Allegations Of Child Neglect While Under The Influence Leads To Serious Consequences

Charges of child neglect or abandonment are serious ones that can tear families apart and leave children feeling traumatized not only due to the event that brought about the charge, but the legal complications that follow. Especially if charges of drug possession or other related offenses are attached to the family matter, a child is likely to end up in the custody of protective services while the matter is being investigated. Not only can parents lose custody permanently over such allegations, criminal charges may be pursued and the defendant can end up doing time in jail over the matter. If you’re in a similar situation and hope to bring a sense of security and peace back to your family, you need a helping hand when dealing both with social workers who look out for the welfare of the children, and the legal charges hanging over your head.

Hiring a St. Lucie domestic dispute attorney or a St. Lucie drug defense attorney is the first step towards fighting to get your life in order. Cases of child neglect or abandonment due to parents or caretakers using drugs have sadly been on the rise and even gotten media attention. Recently, a Florida woman was accused of leaving her infant outside of the home and unattended while she was high on the drug Flakka. The child was at risk of imminent harm, and the mother was promptly arrested when returning home to find her child. As a result, the child had to be placed into the custody of family services while the mother awaits trial and sentencing.

Leaving your child alone, even for a quick run to the store, can end up having tragic consequences. It is especially true if it is discovered the parent is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The best hope of regaining custody of the child and avoiding serious jail time is to hire a St. Lucie drug defense attorney to represent your rights. Whether defending parents through a misunderstanding, or helping those with substance abuse problems to get treatment and do what is needed to keep the family together, a St. Lucie domestic dispute attorney will be your greatest advocate.

If you or someone you know is faced with this type of situation and needs help, the Law Firm Of Jeffrey Garland, P.A. is here to help you. Please take the time to visit our website, and call to schedule a consultation. Keeping you and your family safe, happy, and protected is our top priority.