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Crab Stop Owner Arrested 2nd Time, Charged with Battery

Vero Beach Battery Lawyer

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The owner of a popular seafood restaurant in the Vero Beach, Florida area was recently charged with battery. The June 12, 2020 charges came after employees of the establishment, Crab Stop, stepped forward and reported to the police incidents of sexual harassment they faced while working for the man.

The restaurant owner was specifically arrested on charges of second degree battery on June 19. Previously, he was arrested for battery one week prior on Friday, June 12, 2020. After his arrest, he was released the next day on a bail of $1,000.

The man’s lawyer claimed that it was the word of the employees versus that of his client and pointed out that there was no security footage that captured the alleged incidents. However, any footage that did exist was taped over, which the attorney insisted is a normal occurrence.

According to the police reports, which were provided by two former Crab Stop employees to detectives investigating the incidents, the assault and harassment has taken place over the span of two years. Incidents occurred from 2018 up to now.

The two women reported that the incidents took place at the restaurant’s current location of 89 Royal Palm Pointe as well as its previous address, 2263 14th Avenue in Vero Beach. The women told police that the owner of the restaurant rubbed his crotch against them and asked if they were interested in taking part in group sex. One woman stated that he also rubbed and touched her while making inappropriate comments and sounds.

Another woman described a separate incident that was confirmed by a witness and stated that the man cornered and straddled a woman while she was seated on a bar stool and rubbed up against her. During another time, a woman reported that the boss walked her to her car, grabbed her thigh and demanded sex. According to the woman, she told him to stop and subsequently got one of her friends to walk her to her car to avoid the man.

The arrest of the Crab Stop owner of June 12 came after statements were given to the police on June 6 by someone who used to work at the restaurant. She told detectives the man put his hand on her upper thigh and gripped it while making inappropriate comments while she was working behind the bar.

The comments were corroborated by the other women who reported being sexually harassed by their employer. The man’s attorney claims his client is in fear for his life and that he and his family have received threats.

The man was in court on Monday, June 22 but is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday, July 21.

Help from a Vero Beach Battery Lawyer

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