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Indian River battery lawyer
Police say that an episode of road rage escalated into criminal charges in Indian River County. They say that one driver punched and spit on another driver. They say the assault was the culmination of a series of tense exchanges between the drivers. Police say that they made the arrest in the man’s own driveway....
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Vero Beach aggravated assault lawyer
A Vero Beach man faces criminal charges of aggravated assault. Police responded to the man’s home after reports of a confrontation with neighbors over a loose dog. The man may request the assistance of a Vero Beach aggravated assault lawyer to respond to the charges. The charged man allegedly fired a BB gun during the...
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Vero Beach Aggravated Assault Attorney
A trip to a Vero Beach Taco Bell recently came to an end with a charge of aggravated assault against one local man. On February 6, 2021, a woman called the police and reported that while she was driving on State Road 60, a man in a vehicle crossed over three lanes and pulled closely...
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