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Vero Beach aggravated assault lawyer
A Vero Beach man faces criminal charges of aggravated assault. Police responded to the man’s home after reports of a confrontation with neighbors over a loose dog. The man may request the assistance of a Vero Beach aggravated assault lawyer to respond to the charges. The charged man allegedly fired a BB gun during the...
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Vero Beach Aggravated Assault Attorney
A trip to a Vero Beach Taco Bell recently came to an end with a charge of aggravated assault against one local man. On February 6, 2021, a woman called the police and reported that while she was driving on State Road 60, a man in a vehicle crossed over three lanes and pulled closely...
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Vero Beach Battery Attorney
Not everyone is happy about the requirement to wear face masks when they enter a store. One man demonstrated his displeasure when he went to a Best Buy without a mask in Vero Beach one day. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office arrived and arrested the man for battery that day. The man arrived at...
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