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Palm Bay Men Arrested in Attempted Robbery

Indian River robbery defense attorneyOn Wednesday, November 29, 2018, two men gave themselves up to police after they attempted to commit a robbery that resulted in a man being kidnapped, assaulted and stripped of his pants. In addition, according to the police report. Following this arrest it would be wise for the men to obtain an Indian River criminal defense lawyer.

The two men, who are both from the Palm Bay, Florida area and are both 19 years of age, were subsequently arrested. They were taken into custody and placed in the Indian River County Jail, where they joined another man, 20 years old, and who resides in the Vero Beach area.

Together, the three young men were each charged with attempted robbery. The two who turned themselves in were also charged with kidnapping.

The victim explained to a detective that he had relied on social media website Instagram to meet up with the two young men to have a sexual encounter with them. Then, on Sunday, November 18, he met the pair at the Sebastian River Landing clubhouse, which is located around 90th Avenue and Sebastian Boulevard.

He told the police that once he had arrived at the destination at around 11 PM, one of the men got him in a chokehold and used an anti-gay slur on him. Meanwhile, the third young man raced down the street in a car. He was waiting with a gun in a parking lot at San Sebastian Park, according to the police.

Additionally, the two ordered the victim to give them cash and subsequently beat him until he blacked out. The man driving the vehicle sat in the driver’s seat and watched as the beating took place. The attack left the victim with a caved in cheekbone and broken nose.

The injured man walked back home and dialed 911, according to the police. He’d been robbed of his cell phone and $50. Meanwhile, his pants had also been stripped from him, but police later found them on the road.

The three perpetrators were held in jail on $125,000, $100,000 and no bail, respectively.

Robbery and hate crimes are both very serious and require the assistance of an experienced Indian River robbery defense attorney. If you have been arrested for either or both of these crimes, contact the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at (772) 489-2200 at your earliest convenience. A skilled Indian River robbery defense attorney will immediately begin building your defense case.