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Plumbing Break-In Leads to Suspected Copper Thief

Indian River grand theft attorneyPolice booked a man into the Indian River County Jail on suspicion of theft. Police say that the man tried to break into a plumbing business before taking copper tubing from nearby service trucks. The man waits in jail until he can post a bond for several charges including burglary and theft. The man has the right to the help of an Indian River grand theft attorney to defend against the charges.

Law enforcement believed the man was from the local area because he arrived at the scene on a bicycle. Police used images of the man to canvass the neighborhood and trace him to a local hotel. Law enforcement says that the man has a prior criminal history.

In Florida, burglary is a violation of Florida law 810.02. Under the law, burglary is entering any dwelling or structure in order to commit a crime inside. All burglary offenses are felonies. A burglary may be classified as a first, second or third-degree felony depending on the exact circumstances. If the offender commits an assault or battery or brings explosives inside the building, the offense may be more serious. In all circumstances, a burglary charge brings serious potential penalties including time in jail or prison.

When you work with an experienced Indian River criminal defense attorney, it’s important to examine all of the charges that you face. For example, if you commit theft from the building or structure, you’re likely to also face charges of theft in addition to the charge of burglary. If your burglary charge includes an allegation that you intended to commit theft, assault and battery or engage in some other aggravating factor under the law, the state’s attorney must prove your intent as part of the crime. The state’s attorney has the burden of proof, and your Indian River grand theft attorney can help you determine the best possible way to challenge the state’s case against you.

A burglary charge can come with a number of possible consequences including a sentence of jail. The potential time in jail can be significant, but there are things that you can do in order to fight the charges. A felony conviction can also come with fines, an order to pay restitution and even loss of the right to vote. All burglary and theft charges are serious, and understanding the consequences can help you appropriately attack the charges against you with the best possible defense.

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