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Bail for Man Faces Charges Including Battery, Robbery

Hiring a Indian River Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a Indian River Criminal Defense Lawyer

An 18-year-old man in Indian River County is facing charges that include battery on a law enforcement officer, battery on an emergency medical care provider, robbery and resisting arrest among others. These charges are all related to a series of incidents that unfolded on the night of July 24. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office reports that a woman was riding her bike after leaving a restaurant when a man knocked her off the bike. Later, she identified him as the 18-year-old.

The woman says she fought him for the bike, but he escaped after kicking her in the stomach. Law enforcement later found the bike abandoned and the man on foot. The man ignored commands to stop, so they sent a dog after him. The man fought the dog, which bit him several times. As a result, the man then had to be taken to a hospital. Law enforcement says that once there, the man attacked hospital staff and two deputies.

In August, the man entered a not guilty plea to all the charges. He was released from jail on September 21 after posting a bail for $1,500, and his court date was set for October 28.

A person who is involved in a situation like this may need an attorney to help with defense. Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A., an Indian River criminal defense lawyer, may be able to offer assistance, such as advising a potential strategy for defense and helping to prepare that strategy. In a situation like this one, an attorney might seek to have some of the charges reduced or dropped.

Help a Indian River Criminal Defense Lawyer

An Indian River criminal defense lawyer might be able to help a client at every step of the way, from the time the person is taken into custody. This might begin with explaining to the person what their rights are. Some cases are resolved in a plea bargain, in which a person pleads guilty instead of going to trial in exchange for reduced charges and penalties. However, in a case like this one, in which the man pleaded not guilty, the case may go to trial.

There are other strategies that could lead to a case’s dismissal. For example, if a person’s rights were violated during the investigation or the arrest, some evidence could be dismissed.

If you or someone you know has faced similar legal problems, contact the The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772-489-2200 for assistance.